How To Tie an Underwriter's Knot

An underwriter's knot is a specialized knot that is mostly utilized by electricians. This type of knot is very useful as it provides tension and added support to a cord to keep it from getting pulled apart from its respective plug. The underwriter's knot is specifically functional for those electrical appliances that will be replaced with new cord plugs. For this article, we will discuss how to tie an underwriter's knot for purposes of replacing a busted or damaged appliance cord plug.

  1. Cut the busted or damaged cord first. Have the correct size of wire cutting tool for the gauge of wire you will be cutting. Make sure that you check the cord for any nicks or cuts first before you go ahead and cut the cord out. This is so you get to include those parts that have visible marks of tear or nicks which can cause accidental electrocution. Once done, spread the cord in half about a couple of inches from its end.
  2. Strip the wires in preparation for connecting it to the new plug. It is imperative that you use the appropriate tool for this procedure. Make use of a wire stripper tool to avoid damaging the smaller conductor wires that are inside the cord. Remove the insulating material about half an inch from the end by gently squeezing and twisting the wire stripper tool.
  3. Finally tie an underwriter's knot to secure the connection of the wire and the cord. Now, the first thing that you will need to do to start tying an underwriter's knot is to hold the cord in front of you. Next is to make a shape of the letter Y by spreading it apart. Place the right end of the cord in front of the letter Y and the left end of the cord at the back making something that looks like a pair of butterfly wings. Now, get the right end of the cord while making sure that you do not ruin the butterfly wing set up. After that, slip this right end into the left butterfly wing. Next, get the left end of the cord and slip this to the right butterfly wing. Once done, simply tug at each end of the cord and voila, you have an underwriter's knot in front of you!

Now, all you need to do is to wrap each conductor wire to its respective terminal in the new plug. Just make sure that no frayed copper wires are exposed when you do so. Remember, the white conductor wire is wrapped around the silver terminal. Meanwhile, have the black wire wrapped into the gold terminal. Finally, have the green wire wrapped around the same colored terminal of the plug.


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