How To Tips on Animal Hair Removal

There are certain times that animals shed off their hair. It is a normal cycle to them, especially for cats and dogs. However, having animal hairs all over your place can be a bit frustrating especially after you have already cleaned your place. It is also embarrassing to have guests on your place with all those animal hairs flying and sticking all over the furniture, floor, carpet, and even on your clothing. It could even be dangerous if one of your guests has allergies to pet hairs.

Here are some solutions and tips on animal hair removal:

  1. Use a hair removal roller. This is a very effective tool that is used to remove the pet hair on carpets, rugs, and furniture, among other places. It can also be bought at your local pet stores. However, using hair removal roller takes a lot of time to do and sometimes hard to reach places such as corners and nooks will not be reached by the hair removal roller as it is circular in shape.
  2. If it is not yet within your budget to buy a hair removal roller, you can use rubber gloves that you can easily find at home. Put on the rubber gloves, wet them, and then rub them on the places where you want the animal hairs to be removed. The animal hairs will stick to the wet rubber gloves, pretty much like sticking to a hair removal roller.
  3. Use a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner is an all around cleaning machine that works by sucking the dirt and dust, including the hairs of the animals that got stuck on carpets and furniture. Vacuum cleaner works best on carpets, since carpets usually trap the dust and hair. The best thing to do is suck it up. You can use your common home vacuum cleaner or you can purchase a handy vacuum cleaner that is especially made to remove animal hairs.
  4. If you want to groom your pet, do it outside so that the mess and hairs will not fly all over your house. It is also easier to clean the falling hairs when you are outside of your home as you can just wash it away. Grooming also lessens the tangles that might be a cause for falling hair whenever someone pets your animal.
  5. Prevention is always the best practice. If it is okay with you, keep your pets away from the furniture and carpets so that your pet’s hairs will not stick all over. If you find it impossible to do, cover the place where your pet usually stays with a cloth so that the hairs will be confined to one place only and it will be easier to clean.

Patience is needed in order to clean up the place, and with these tips your house will be free from animal hairs before long.


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