How To Turn a Garage into an Apartment

If you need extra living space in your home and you do not have anymore room to spare, try converting your garage into an apartment. Here are suggestions on how you can work on this project:

  • Assess the garage and study what you can make of it so you can turn it into an apartment.
  • Determine what materials to use to change it into a livable space. Garages usually have rough finishing so you will certainly need some finishing cement, paint, cabinets and some woodwork.
  • Measure the area of your garage from end to end. Include corners and curvatures where tools are usually kept. Take note also of the clearance from floor to ceiling. Most garages have low roofs so try to visualize how you are going to elevate it to keep the whole room well ventilated.
  • Decide on the door area. It is advisable that you install a double door so it will be easier for you to move in big furniture. Choose a door that is durable enough to withstand harsh climate. Remember that your garage is usually an extension of your home hence it is commonly the more exposed part of the house. A door made of thick wood or hard steel is best suited for garage apartments.
  • Appraise the budget you will need in constructing the garage apartment. Consider the kind of materials you will use. Do you want it to look like a log cabin or do you simply want to convert it into a modern and sleek space? Remember that whatever look you want the apartment to have will determine the kind of materials you will need for the construction.
  • List down all the materials you need to purchase. You may need the following: wallboard or plywood, insulation, paint and paint brush or roller, metal brackets for book shelf support, nails and hammer, handsaw, tiles or wooden floor panels, porcelain sink and toilet shower curtains, bathroom mirror and cabinet, and curtain rods and curtains.
  • Get the area ready for the make over. Sweep or vacuum the floor and remove all dust particles from all surfaces. Scrub the walls and remove old paint. Detach tool shelves so they can be later replaced with more functional and neater book shelves. Wash the floor with soap and water and leave it to dry for a couple of days.
  • Cover the walls with wallboard or plywood. Install the roll of insulation on the ceiling. Make sure each installation and attachment are nailed and glued well in place.
  • Paint the walls and ceiling with the color of your choice. To make the space look bigger, use paint with light color such as beige, cream or white.
  • 10. Install the door. Use large hinges for better support. Choose a door with dark brown or mahogany color to distinguish it from the light color of the walls.
  • Glue the tiles or wooden floor panels.
  • Apply finishing cement and fresh paint on the exterior part. Mend holes on the roof if there are any.
  • Install the sink, toilet, curtain rod, shower curtains, mirror and cabinet in the bathroom.
  • Attach the windows.

Turning a garage into an apartment is an economical way of creating extra room for your house. You may have it for personal use or rent it out to tenants. However make sure that you apply for the necessary city permit should decide to rent it out.


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