How To Unclog Your Toilet

People visit the toilet at least once in the day. It is just natural that the toilet gets dirty. However the toilet can sometimes get clogged. And the frequent trips can be uncomfortable contests of who can hold it longer.  The toilet can be clogged by any unusually shaped object stuck between the pipes. It is usually large amounts of tissue or even a toy or some air freshener. You can take it out yourself.

There are dirty jobs and there are very dirty jobs. Unclogging a toilet is one of the dirtiest. You can just imagine the amount of germs in that toilet. However, even dirty jobs need someone brave enough to do it. Are you brave enough?

A clogged toilet is not a pleasant site, but with a few simple steps you can become a plumber for a day yourself. At least for a day, removing the blockage from your toilet will give you a funny sort of feeling of accomplishment. Follow these simple steps and your toilet will be unplugged in no time.

  1. Flush once. If it didn’t flush the first time, chances are it won’t flush down the second time. Furthermore, if you flush and flush, chances are you will just end up with an overflowing toilet. In anticipation of this, proceed to step two.
  2. Prep the work area. To make sure your working area is clean and to safeguard against an overflowing toilet, line the floor surrounding the toilet with old newspaper. You will also have to empty out standing water from inside the toilet into a bucket. To make sure you are not wallowing too much in the germs of the toilet, grab some rubber gloves. You are also going to need a wire coat hanger, a plunger and a toilet snake.
  3. The plunger method. Insert the plunger firmly into the bowl and push down hard. The harder you press, the greater force you apply to unclogging the pipes. Continue pumping the plunger until you hear the water go down the pipes. Once you hear the water go down, try flushing it again. If the toilet still continues to be clogged, proceed to step four.
  4. The hanger method. Undo your wire coat hanger and try to straighten it out. Insert one tip of the wire into the toilet and push it until you hit the blockage. Once the wire hanger is at the blockage, rotate the wire hanger until the blockage is removed. Flush it again and if it is still clogged, then go to the next step.
  5. The snake method. If you have reached this point, the blockage may be deeper in the pipes. Get your plumber snake and insert it into the toilet. Push and rotate until the blockage has been reached.  Once removed, flush again and see if toilet is unclogged.

If at this point, the toilet is still stubbornly refusing to flush, then it may be time to request professional help. It is not cowardly to ask for help when you have done all that you can do. You put up a valiant effort that you can be proud of.


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