How To Use a Popcorn Popper

There are several kinds of popcorn poppers available on the market, and they can either be for professional use, or just to have popped corn for your Sunday home movie marathon. Whatever kind of popper you are going to use, here are a few things you have to keep in mind when using a popcorn maker.

  1. Use fresh popcorn. Before using your popcorn machine, you must make sure that your popcorn supply is fresh. Check for the expiration date before using to ensure that the corn will pop. Even if the machine is in tip top shape, if your popcorn is stale you might have problems with your machine, or you might stress it too much in trying to pop corn that will never pop. Remember to keep your popcorn in a cool and dry place, but never in the refrigerator. They may turn too dry and may no longer pop. There are also different types of popcorn like gourmet popcorn that comes in different flavors and maybe even have different heat requirements. Carefully check popping instructions before you put any type of kernel into your popcorn popper.
  2. Be familiar with your machine. Since there are different models of popcorn poppers, there will definitely be different controls and parts that you have to remember before using yours. For example, the measuring cup of your popper can also be used to melt butter, depending on what's in your manual. Some may instruct you to put a few kernels in first to test the heat of your popper. For cart type  poppers for business, you have to be aware that you need to test a few kernels before you put in the rest of the required oil and kernels so you can see if the machine is hot enough.
  3. Heat. Each model of popper has different heat requirements before you can put in your popcorn, so be sure to check your manual. Common poppers need oil or butter, but then you have the microwave popper and the air popper. So make sure to see the different requirements of your popper. Whichever type you are using, make sure that the bowl you are using is heat resistant. Just be sure that the bowl is at the same height of the popper so that you won't have popcorn flying all over the place. Check on the model of your popper so you can look in stores if they have popcorn supplies for a similar bowl that would fit your machine. If your popper is a Whirley Pop popper, you will be popping your kernels on the stovetop so you would only need the bowl after all the popping.
  4. Monitor the popping. When almost all of the kernels have been popped, make sure to turn off the heat supply of your machine so that your popcorns at the bottom will not get burned. Also, this prevents your kernels from overflowing. The machine is still hot enough to pop the remaining kernels.

There are numerous models of popcorn poppers available in the market and advertised online, so before you pick up your popcorn popper make sure it is the type that you would like to have and use for several years. Make sure to read the reviews of these products before purchasing and,of course, get the opinions of friends who have recently purchased a popper similar to the ones you are interested in.


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