How To Use a Steam Iron Press on Dress Shirts

Although the casual look may be in vogue, a wrinkled dress shirt on a man is never in good style. Wrinkled shirts look sloppy and unprofessional.  But taking dress shirts to the laundry or local dry cleaner for steam pressing can add up quickly, especially if you are on a budget when it comes to maintaining your wardrobe.

It's easy to learn how to use a steam iron press on dress shirts after washing in order to keep them looking their best for wearing as well as extending their longevity.  Invest in a well-made steam iron that is not too heavy or cumbersome for you to handle.

  1. It's important to fill the water chamber on the iron with distilled rather than tap water.  The natural minerals in tap water will eventually cause your steam iron to get clogged up and quit working properly.  Some people prefer to use a spray bottle filled with distilled water to mist the shirts until damp instead of using the steam feature on the iron.
  2. Set up your ironing board so that you are ironing the shirts about waist level for the most comfortable position. If you don't have an ironing board or room to set up an ironing board, place a clean folded towel atop the dining room table cleared of any food or dishes.
  3. To start steam iron pressing a dress shirt, make sure that each shirt is completely unbuttoned for ease of movement and that all shirts are of the same material. You don't want to press one shirt that needs a very hot temperature, and then start in on a polyester blend material that may demand a much cooler iron.
  4. Make sure your steam iron is set on the right temperature setting for the kind of material you will be pressing.  Start on each dress shirt by ironing the collars, the cuffs and the sleeves.  Use some spray starch on collars and cuffs for a crisp, professional finish. Then start to press the larger sections of the shirt, including both front and back panels.
  5. If you need to leave your steam iron pressing chores for even a minute, remove the iron so that it is not in contact with any part of the shirt, and is securely standing upright toward the end of the ironing board.  Some people use an ironing stand to make sure this hot instrument doesn't tip over.
  6. Make sure that as you are ironing each seam, it lies completely flat so that the finished shirt looks crisp and neatly done. Place finished pressed shirts immediately on a hanger. 

For safety's sake, never allow children or pets to be wandering around your ironing station. They can get burned or trip over the electrical cord with devastating results.


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