Alternative Energy Sources

In our day-to-day activities, we use energy to get things done. The energy coming from burning fuels, oil and gases involves expense on our part. This is where oil companies come in. Oil companies now are playing a big role in industry and the lives of most people. We make use of oil and natural gas but are perhaps unaware that these fuels are costly and harmful to our health and the environment.  But did you know that there are alternative sources of energy? We have the sun, water and wind as alternative sources of energy.
The sun is one source of alternative energy. It gives us solar energy.  Solar panels collect the energy and use it to power appliances in our home. The only limitation in the use of solar power is the lack of technology in making efficient solar panels for wider use in industry: Solar energy could be used to run cars and power plants. Among the constraints in the use of the solar power is that we don't get it if the sun does not shine and at night the energy produced is limited or reduced. So with this we can't get a regular supply of energy.

Another alternative source of energy is water. The hydroelectric plants that have been built give a source of electricity coming from water dams. The cost of maintaining these plants is relatively low.

Wind power is another alternative source of energy. It is used to operate windmills or wind turbines, which produce electricity. Even historically, wind energy from windmills was used to turn mechanical machinery to do physical work, or to crush grain or pump water. One advantage of wind energy is that it does not cause any pollution so it leaves no harmful effects on people.

With the sun, wind and water available to us for free, we are assured of getting energy that is not costly and not harmful to Mother Nature and people. Oil, fuel and gas are going sky high in price. One solution is to develop and use the alternative energy sources available to us from nature. These alternative energy sources are readily available and are not threats to the health of man. We used to depend on nature before and now that we are greatly affected by the very high cost of living, and risks to the planet, maybe it will be best and beneficial for us to go back to nature for at least some of our basic needs like food and energy. A lot of illnesses are brought about by pollution and burning of fossil fuels so maybe it's about time we protect ourselves and make use of some less polluting sources of energy.


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