How To Use an Electric Deep Fryer

Fryer with thermometer

As time goes by, many commercial food enterprises have been shifting from gas operated to electrically operated deep fryers to do the job. Aside from it being economically wiser and environmentally better if you’re someone going ‘green’, electric deep fryers are also easier and safer to use. In case you already have one (or are planning to buy one), it is better if you have an idea how to use it, which will undeniably lend you a hand in your cooking and lead you to a whole new world of deep-frying, even it is for commercial purposes or home use.
Here are some reminders to keep in mind in using your new electric deep fryer.

  1. Put the fryer in a flat surface. It is necessary to put your fryer in a flat and stable platform to avoid accidents which might ruin not just your food, or just your electric fryer but even your and others’ lives. Never cook on the floor or in any low places where a child may accidentally reach it.
  2. Measure the oil you will use. This is important to save on your oil and most importantly to lessen your electric consumption. Remember that unnecessary oil would lengthen your oil’s heating time. Measuring oil can be done based on your instincts. On the other hand, to get a precise measurement, you can use another technique. First, put the food that you will fry in the fryer then submerge it in water. Mark the water level, take out all the contents and dry the fryer. Put the necessary amount of all as marked by the water level done earlier.
  3. Switch it on and adjust the thermostats. After switching it on, put the thermostat into the appropriate temperature. Different electric deep fryers have different use-interfaces. Some have knobs, buttons and switches where you can adjust the temperature as you desire. You can refer to a cookbook or anything of the same function to know the appropriate temperature for the thing you will fry. Some models of electric deep fryers have LED indicators if the oil is right for frying, and this function can really help in lowering your electric bill. Don’t worry: rival fryers are now incorporating this feature to their new models to cope up with the competition.
  4. Fry them up! Once your fryer and oil is ready for some deep-frying, you can now dip your fries, onion rings, chicken drumsticks and all your deep-fry foodies to the fryer. You can even use it as a turkey fryer for your Thanksgiving turkey. Remember to put only the necessary amount of food to the fryer as done in number 2. Putting more food than what was marked earlier can hasten your cooking, but might result to spills and mess up the whole job. Stick to the appropriate quantity of food and you will get the minimum hassle. Close the lid tightly to trap the heat and speed up the frying and avoid those much hated frying splatters.

Once you are finished, you can put your food in a built-in “no mess” basket and drain the excess oil and fat . You may consider cleaning up it up but don’t do it now. Using an electric deep fryer is not something that would take a considerable amount of time, but it would certainly bring you into whole new dimensions of dishes that are not possible with a gas operated deep fryer.


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