How To Use an Electric Potato Peeler

An electric potato peeler is a kitchen device that makes peeling fruits and vegetables easier. Some electric peelers are made for different types of food and others are made specifically for potatoes. You can also choose from different kinds of peelers. There are electric peelers for home use and others for commercial use.

It is more advantageous and safe to use a potato peeler rather than a knife or the Oxo good grips peeler. The Oxo peeler can make the job easier, but it is still time consuming. You will be able to save lots of time peeling potatoes, and you will also lessen the chance of getting cuts from the knife if you use a potato peeler. Some of the common foods that need peelers are carrots, potatoes, asparagus, kiwi, apples and more.

Here are the steps on how you can use a potato peeler:

  1. Model. One of the most famous electric potato peelers that are used at home is the Rotato Express Automatic Electric Potato Peeler. This type of electric peeler can run on electricity or on 4 AA sized batteries. You can purchase this electric peeler for less than $30.00. This electric peeler does not only peel potatoes, it can also peel vegetables and fruits.
  2. Preparation. Before peeling, make sure that your potatoes are clean. Brush them with a vegetable brush under running water to remove the dirt particles that are on the skin of the potato. Get a container where you will be putting the peeled potatoes. Dry the potatoes with a cloth so that you can peel them.
  3. Peeling the Potatoes. The Rotato electric peeler has spokes at the base. This is where you will put the potato. Gently press the potato on the spokes until it can stand on its own. Secure the upper portion of the potato by adjusting the height adjustment lever until it has a good grip. When the potato is in place, adjust the cutter arm so that it is positioned on top of the potato. The peeling will start from there. Press the button and the peeling process will begin.
  4. Benefits. The electric peeler will stop as soon as the peeling is done. One benefit of using an electric peeler is the time that you spend. It will definitely be faster to use an electric peeler than a manual one. Another thing is that you are not going to waste any food, because the electric peeler makes sure that it only removes the skin from the potato.

These are the steps on how to use an electric peeler at home. You can look for discounted online stores where they sell kitchen equipment. You can also buy ceramic knives, slicers, meat grinders and microwaves from online stores. You can research on the different choices that you have for electric peelers that you can use at home. Take note of the price and design of the electric potato peeler before you purchase so that you can choose the best one for your kitchen.


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