How To Use Bounce Dryer Sheets Other than for Laundry

Freshen laundry? That’s not the only thing that Bounce dryer sheets can do. Bounce dryer sheets make your clothes smell great. But did you know that it has many other uses? Here are some of them.

Duster. Use Bounce dryer sheets when picking up dust on tabletops, various appliances, household objects, blinds, window sills, baseboards and other places. It can be used in place of furniture polishing wax or dust cloths.

Vacuum cleaner deodorizer. Make your vacuum cleaner smell great with just one sheet. Make sure to double check first if your vacuum cleaner can safely accommodate one.

Garbage can and laundry hamper deodorizer. Make the rounds around your house and put one Bounce dryer sheet at the bottom of each garbage can. It will make it smell fresh and clean. Place a sheet in the diaper genie if you have one. Don’t forget to put a dryer sheet in your dirty clothes hamper, too.

Drawer, cabinet, closet deodorizer and more
. You can have that “out of the dryer” scent if you place one Bounce dryer sheet in each of your drawers, cabinets and closets. If you have stacks of old boxes with mementos and stuff, place dryer sheets in these, too. Take out the musty smell of old books as well as precious photo albums with dryer sheets. You can even place them inside shoes!

Car deodorizer. Plant one or two sheets inside the car and in the trunk instead of using car deodorizers. Some car perfumes and deodorizers have strong scents that not everyone likes.

Dog wipes. Yes, wipe down your canine pall with a Bounce dryer sheet especially when they have just come in from the rain.

Washer and dryer cleaner. Don’t throw away that used dryer sheet. Wipe down the washer and dryer with the used sheet. You can moisten the dryer sheet so you can pick up little messes as well as lint from the lint trap.

Cat hair magnet. Remove cat (or dog hair) from the sofa, bed, rug and other places. The anti-static properties of dryer sheets attract animal hair.

Insect repellant. Put it in your back pocket or hang it on your belt buckle to have your very own insect repellant. Mosquitoes, bees and ants are not fans of Bounce dryer sheets. Place sheets all over the house where insects are often making their rounds. If you are going hiking, tie them to your backpacks and place them inside your tent. Some say that even mice are averse to Bounce dryer sheets. So put a few in places that mice may visit.

Holiday ornament wrapper. Wrap holiday ornaments with used dryer sheets. When you unpack them for next year’s holiday, use the same sheets to wipe the ornament to remove dust.

Tip:  If the scent of the Bounce dryer sheet is too strong, cut it in two, three or more parts depending on how and where you plan to use the sheets.

The makers of Bounce dryer sheets probably never envisioned that these sheets could do more than what it was first made for. But as you can see, it has more than one use! If you visit their website at, you can find a section on Clever Uses which features consumer stories on other uses of dryer sheets. You can also add your own story if you have one! So experiment with Bounce dryer sheets now and discover other uses for this innovative product.


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