How To Use Everything from a Carton of Eggs

Eggs -- Good for You and the Environment

Make the most of every dozen of eggs you buy. Use the egg yolk, white, shell, and carton.

Step 1

Eat the eggs. There are many ways to eat eggs. You can eat them plain by scrambling, poaching, boiling, or frying. You can use them in desserts such as cakes, custards, meringues, and ice cream. You can use them as binding in pasta dishes such as lasagna and moussaka. You can use eggs as the main course in dishes such as the savory omelet for breakfast, the comforting egg-bake for brunch, or the impressive soufflé for dinner.

Step 2

Clean the shells and save them. When you’ve saved a dozen or more eggshells, crush them into fine pieces using a rolling pin or giving them a whirl in the food processor. Eggshells are a great gardening amendment. They contain calcium, which is a beneficial mineral for many plants. Tomatoes need a good supply of calcium to help prevent blossom end rot.

Eggshells are sharp. Spread eggshells around the base of seedlings and tender transplants to prevent cutworms from destroying your hard work.

Alternately (if you don't garden)...

Use them to make adorable spring chicks. All you need are eggshells, two cottonballs dyed with yellow food coloring, google eyes, a diamond of orange construction paper, and glue. Assemble according to the photo.

Step 3

Use the egg carton to make fast, easy, inexpensive papier mache projects. Tear the egg carton up into ½-1 inch segments. Egg cartons already contain the binding necessary for papier mache. Place the pieces of paper in the blender and cover with water. Blend until you have pulp. Strain away the water and you have pulp to use for various papier mache projects.

Create a sturdier pulp by using the following recipe:

  • 12 cups egg carton pieces blended into pulp and drained
  • 1-1.5 cups of white glue added to the pulp
  • 1-1.5 cups of plaster added to the pulp
  • A few drops of essential oil added to deter pests

The mixture is the right consistency when you can push your thumbprint into the pulp and it holds its shape.

Use to make a piñatas, papier mache handprints or whatever captures your imagination.


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Wow i am going to use them in my garden

By Dalton Khamala

Egg cartons can also be used for cheap acoustic insulation, and they make great fire-starters, for those of us with woodstoves.

By S. E. Smith