How To Use Ground Fault Protection

Ground fault protection is essential in the installation of electrical components for our safety. The main component of ground fault protection is the ground fault circuit interrupter or GFCI. This device has become a phenomenal life saver in over five-sixths of the estimated 400 electrical accidents that occur yearly. It is very affordable that you might need to consider installing one in your home electrical wirings. Proper setup and maintenance of GFCI devices has saved innumerable people from shocks and smolder across the country.

To understand the functionality of the device in our homes, the GFCI monitors the circuit of the electricity. In any event an abnormal flow of current is detected; the GFCI automatically disconnects the entire electrical system from the source in less than a millisecond. The abnormal flow of current includes electrocutions, earthquakes, electrical surge, lightning, etc. Any cause that can be identified which drastically reduces or entirely eliminates the possibility of fatal shock or igniting an electrical fire. Thus the quick power interruption provided by the device not only saves lives but also fire tragedies.

Electrocutions happen when you expose any body part to the live terminal and some other part of your body provide a path for the electric current to the ground. Similarly this is how ground fault protection works. The device creates an electrical connection between the source and the ground known as “ground fault.” In case of fires, earthquakes, or any electrically damaging incidents, ground faults go into action for leaking currents, giving the electricity a safer path straight into the ground without causing damage along the way. GFCI provides “safe escape route” for dangerous electrical currents that devastate property or endanger human lives. Instead coursing electric shock through your body, the GFCI mechanism forces the current to go through an alternative path toward the ground.

The fabrication of GFCI is primarily focused on the safety of the peoples from death-dealing electrocutions. Aside from this feature, it also distinguishes ground faults. Earthquake or construction disturbance ground faults can cause electrical fires. In these possible events, the ground fault protections offer safety by disconnecting the electrical flow.

You might consider a qualified electrician to install the circuit breaker and receptacle-type GFCI in your house. However you can install the receptacle-type if you have basic knowledge regarding electrical wiring installations and practices. You must heed the manuals upon the purchase of the ground fault protection device. If case of doubt, do not hesitate to consult with a qualified electrician. Install it with the main power switch is turned off.

To ensure safety and protection, you might consider checking all the GFCIs every month. Be certain that they are functioning well and capable of protecting you from electrocution.

It is strongly advised that every homeowner should have GFCIs installed. For definite safety, circuit breakers must be integrated in various segments of the depilated homes and remove the old circuit breaker. In case you are using the traditional fuse-type, you have the choice of installing the receptacle or portable-type GFCIs for added protection.


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