How To Use Home Gas Detection Devices

You can help keep your family and home safe by knowing what gas detection instruments can be installed in your home. Because most gases are odorless and colorless, you can never tell if combustible gas is already leaking.

Here is a list of instruments specifically recommended for home use:

  1. Audible natural gas detection pen - It can detect gases such as LPG, LNG, CH4, methane, butane and flammable gas up to ppm (parts per million) level. It has an audible and visual annunciation feature and has a catalytic combustion sensor. This has a portable detection characteristic because you can use it in any part of the house.
  2. Safety siren combustible gas detector - This device tests the air non-stop. It can spot alarming levels of natural gases, hydrocarbon gases and propane gases. It also features a built-in-self-diagnostics to guarantee that the device works properly and a computerized calibration for precision and elimination of false alarms.
  3. Hydrogen sensors detect presence of hydrogen gas - Hydrogen detection of this device is made possible by its micro-fabricated point-contact sensors. This is typically cheaper, durable, compact and easier to maintain and manage as put side by side to the usual gas detection devices available in the market.
  4. Supply combustible gas detector with control valve - This device will give out leaking detection, when dangerous levels of gas mount up to a certain level, by flashing its Light Emitting Diode and sounding its built-in alarm. Simultaneously, it signals the control panel or activates the Solenoid valve so as for the gas tube to cut out the leak source within a second.
  5. Intelligent photoelectric smoker detector - This is called intelligent because of its stylish appearance and low-profile design that it can appear as a home decoration. With its 8-bit smart processor plus A/D converter, it is electronically addressed. You can also adjust its level of sensitivity with its hand held programming tool plus built-in algorithm maps to reject false alarms.

You've got a wonderful home, complete with all its amenities, luxurious furniture with its extravagant interior design and up-to-date appliances. What else could you wish for? Aside from twenty-four/seven security from burglars, you must also secure your things away from possible fire and gas explosions. You will never know what lies ahead the next time you throw a barbecue party, or when you are done with your cooking and baking. As always, think about safety first. Now you know how to buy and use your own gas detection devices.


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