How To Use Ladders for Window Cleaning

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When cleaning windows one of the tools that you need is a ladder to be able to clean even the hard-to-reach places. Even with a water hose or a power sprayer, you still need to use a ladder so that you can clean the windows from the top down, making your window cleaning more effective. A ladder will make your window cleaning easier, particularly if your house has two or more stories. Below are some tips for using ladders for cleaning windows.

  • Buy a ladder that is sturdy and long enough for you to comfortably reach the top of your highest window without extending your arms too much or causing you to stand on your toes. Buy one made from heavy-duty aluminum, which is lightweight, or if you have more cash to spare buy one made of fiberglass, which is sturdier and longer lasting.
  • If your house is just one story, a four to six feet high ladder will enable you to clean the top of the windows thoroughly. Choose an A-frame type ladder, which is more stable.
  • Buy some ladder accessories that will help keep the ladder stable. You can get a ladder stabilizer that is attached to the second bottom rung of a ladder. Choose one that clips on the rung. A ladder stabilizer has rubber caps at its ends that will keep the ladder from moving side to side. The stabilizer itself will help you to move away from the window, leaving you with more space to be able to clean without your body getting too close to the window. This makes you see your work better. You should also attach ladder mitts on the top rails of the ladder if you are using one that is propped against a wall. This will prevent the metal from scraping the paint off your wall when the ladder is placed against it.
  • Always ensure that you ladder is standing on an even and flat surface. It is best that you stand the ladder in an area with hard soil or concrete. If you do not have a ladder stop you can improvise one with the help of old rubber sneakers. Place each leg of the ladder inside an old rubber sneaker. This will prevent the ladder from sliding and keep it steady while you work. Check out the ladder’s stability first before climbing it. Position the ladder
  • When you are on top of the ladder make sure that you are close to the window and the window frame. This will be a handy place to grab to keep yourself steady. Straddle the top of the ladder so that you have better footing and your weight distribution is more even if you are using an A-frame ladder. You can position it perpendicular or parallel to the side of your house depending on how you can get a comfortable position and balance while cleaning the windows.

Safety is your major concern when using ladders to clean windows. Make sure that you have the necessary ladder accessories to prevent any accidents as well as protect the walls of your house from scrapes from metal ladder parts.


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