How To Use “Real Simple” Organization Tools

The “Real Simple” TV show and magazine has been created to specifically advice people on how to organize their lives making use of recommended organizational tools that are simple to use and quite inexpensive. They help you recognize areas that you need to pay attention to and put how to put them in order. An important factor to staying organized is developing good habits and adapting a system of organization that works for you. This is where “Real Simple” comes in to make organizing much easier for you to do and to actually look forward to the task at hand.

Make an organizational checklist and see which areas need to be sorted out and put in order. Once you have decided on what you would want to organize first, check out the tools from the “Real Simple” website to answer to your specific needs. Here are a few tips on how to make full use of the “Real Simple” organization tools:

  • Bills, both paid and unpaid, can cause so much clutter in the household. Sort them out and make use of an accordion file to classify them into two: Paid and unpaid. When paying the monthly bills, file them under the month they have been paid. This will save you a lot of trouble when you know exactly where you placed them should you need them for future reference.
  • Another “Real Simple” tool you could make use of is the shoe organizer. This polyester organizer has several pockets that you can store your shoes in and hang on your closet rod. That way, your shoes do not occupy so much space and your area is free from a potential eyesore.
  • For organizing your kitchen, you can make use of pull out baskets that are stashed away but are easily accessible when you need to reach for items you keep there. Tray dividers are used to store platters, serving dishes, or cookie sheets and can be mounted at the bottom of your kitchen cabinets.
  • For your bedroom, you can stow away various items on your nightstand drawer. Installing a drawer divider allows you to make full use of your drawer area, providing space for several items but keeping them sorted out and neat.
  • Wooden boxes, preferably made from cedar, can be stored under your bed. This is where you can keep bed linens and heavy blankets and they are kept safe from moths. Covering them with plastic is also a good idea for added protection.
  • A good addition to your entry way would be secret storage areas like a wooden bench with a top that can be lifted and used to keep toys or other items that clutter up the home. Keys can also be organized in the entryway using a storage box that you can hang on the wall.

These are only a few ways that “Real Simple” organizational tools can help you. By constantly revisiting their website, there is so much more that you can learn and suggestions that can get you really organized. Get into the habit and find out for yourself how uncomplicated things can be if we just start being systematic.


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