How To Use Skylight and Sky Tunnels (Sun Tunnels) in Your Kitchen

It is a wonderful and cost-saving idea to use natural light in some areas in your house like your kitchen. It can brighten your kitchen, give it more depth and make your kitchen look larger. You can save on power cost by installing a skylight or sky tunnel. A bright kitchen with natural lighting looks very inviting and homey.

There are some differences between skylights and sky tunnels. Sky tunnels are also called sun tunnels. A skylight is like a window on your roof. It can either be fixed or one that can be opened in the summer to let fresh air in and remove stale odor from the kitchen. A sky tunnel on the other hand is just like what the name implies. It is like a tunnel with a highly reflective coating that directs the light down to your kitchen, spreading it with the use of a diffuser.

  • Locate the areas in your kitchen where you need the most light. You may want to brighten your breakfast nook and take advantage of the morning sun. It would also be beneficial to add a skylight to the area where you do most of your prep work and cooking where you need stronger lighting. With the diffuser it will not be hot as it is outside. Skylights will work best in kitchens with ceilings that are close to the roof. Skylights spread more natural light in larger areas of your kitchen.
  • For those homes whose kitchens do not have direct access to the roof, sky tunnels or sun tunnels will work best. These will not mar the look of your roof too much. The outside contraption will look like small domes on your roof while inside, the sky tunnels will be like recessed lighting fixtures that will not affect the interior layout of your kitchen.
  • If you have installed sky tunnels or sun tunnels, consider installing solar lights too to take full advantage of the sun’s rays. You will greatly reduce your power consumption as the kitchen is one of the most used areas in the house and you can bring light into your kitchen during the day and in the evening.
  • Choose the right type of skylight or sky tunnel for your roof covering as you may need to have to install additional material to make the skylight or the sky tunnel more secure and sealed. Skylights are available in different sizes and configuration. There are square ones, rectangular ones and circular ones. Choose the model and color that will work best with the interior of your kitchen. Sky tunnels come in a variety of sizes, ranging from ten inches in diameter to twenty-two inches. Choose the one that will provide the maximum light to your kitchen. Of course it goes without saying that the larger the diameter, the more light it will bring. It can give you about three times the light that is emitted by a 100-watt light bulb.

Look at where you should place your skylight and sky tunnels. Consider where the roof is facing. South-facing roof will gain the most from the sun all year round. Position and elevation of the skylight and sky tunnels on your roof are also to be considered.


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