How To Use Sulfuric Acid for Drain Cleaning

One of the common problems that you will need to deal with at home is the drain. Whether in the bathroom or in the kitchen sink, there are plenty of things that can clog the drain. If you are faced with a clogged drain, one of the best solutions is to use sulfuric acid to remove the clog. Here’s how.

  • Ventilation. First of all, you need to make sure that you are operating in a very well ventilated area. If you are in the bathroom, make sure that you leave the bathroom door open and that the windows are all open. If you are in the kitchen, also make sure that the kitchen windows are open. Remember that sulfuric acid is very strong, and has fumes that can irritate your nostrils and even cause minor headaches. If you feel that the sulfuric acid is overpowering, do not hesitate to use an electric fan to add more air into the room.
  • Application. Next, you will need to take a bottle of sulfuric acid. There are many brands available in the market today. You should choose the brand that offers the highest concentration of sulfuric acid. The Thrift Super Pro Acid is one of the best options out there, since the brand comes with a concentration of up to 95 percent. At present, there are few other brands that have up to 95 percent concentration.  Take at least two cups of the solution and slowly pour the solution into the clogged drain.  If the clogged drain has plenty of accumulated water, you may need to add one more cup of sulfuric acid, since the excess water can dilute the solution.
  • Waiting period. You will need to allow the sulfuric to work on the clogged drain for at least an hour. During this waiting period, the sulfuric acid will soften the clog and will liquefy the grime that often comprises much of the clog. Make sure that you leave the room while the sulfuric acid is working on the clog, since the smell can be overpowering. Also make sure that you do not allow your children or pets to go near the drain. Children may play with the water and burn their skin, while pets may drink from the stale water, and may get sulfuric acid poisoning. In case this happens, contact the hospital immediately, or send your pet to the vet.
  • Power snake. Next, take the power snake and uncoil it. Use the power snake to reach the depths of the clogged drain and remove the fragments of the clog that the sulfuric acid was not able to clear away. Also use the power snake to scrape away the grime, which can again lead to dirt build up in the future.
  • Flush. By the time you use the power snake, the stale water will usually drain itself. To finish the drain cleaning, simply take a bucket of warm water combined with some dishwashing soap, and use it to flush off the last few remnants of dirt.

With these steps, you should be able to clean your drains and remove any clogs, using only sulfuric acid.


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