How To Use Tallow

Tallow is a special type of fat that is made from the hard layers of adipose tissue in the internal organs of livestock, usually beef and sheep. Tallow has been used for hundreds of years, and has found many purposes in the household. Today, however, tallow is underappreciated and rarely used at home. If you have some tallow lying around, however, here’s how you can maximize it and use it around the house.

  • Baking. Today, people use baking sprays to coat the baking pans and trays. These baking sprays make it easier to remove cookies from the pan and cupcakes from the molds. However, you can also use tallow to grease the lining and the bottom of the pans. Simply take a small amount of tallow and use your fingers or a piece of cloth to spread it onto the bottom of the trays and pans, and then proceed to filling the pans and molds with the dough or the bake mixture.
  • Flavoring. You can also use tallow for cooking. If you want to deep fry something, take several cups filled with tallow and use it to fry your food. Tallow can be used for frying fish, chicken, beef, pork, and other types of meats. Because tallow is derived from animals, it adds a distinct taste to your food. If you are sautéing something, you can replace the vegetable oil with tallow. The tallow will also add a distinct taste and flavor to the meal. Almost all foods and meals that call for lard can also be cooked with tallow instead. If you use shortening for crusts, pastries, and biscuits, you can substitute the shortening with lard.
  • Bird feeding. If you are a big fan of bird watching, or if you simply have some birds as pet around the house, you can also use tallow for their food. Simply combine some bird seed with tallow and place in the bird seed feeder as usual. The tallow will keep the bird seeds together, and will prevent them from spilling as birds peck on the feeder. Best of all, tallow has nutrients that the birds can use, especially when they need to fatten up for winter.
  • Candles. One of the traditional uses of tallow is for candle making. With a little bit of tallow, you can actually make your own candles. Simply take a block of tallow and place it in a saucepan. Turn on the stove on the lowest heat setting and wait for the tallow to melt completely. Once the tallow is fully liquid, you can pour it into a candle mold, and simply add a wick onto the center.
  • Cleaning. Finally, you can also use tallow for cleaning metallic objects. Guns, for example, can be cleaned by applying a little bit of tallow on a piece of cloth. Use the tallow to shine the gun’s surface and to prevent the gun from rusting. You can also use the tallow for basically all types of metallic and iron surfaces that you want to shine and keep from rusting.

Even into the twenty-first century, keeping some tallow around the house is a good idea because you can use it for many jobs around the house. These are just some of the common uses that tallow has.


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