How To Use Vinegar in the Laundry

White Vinegar Can Remove Many Everyday Stains

Photo of laundry area
You can remove stains from clothing and household fabrics using simple, cheap, white vinegar. You don't need to use a special kind. Just the one in your kitchen cupboard will do the job.

Step 1

Marks on suede. Grease marks from food and make-up can easily removed by brushing lightly with an old toothbrush and some white vinegar. Be careful not to soak the area and only use as much liquid as necessary. Let the area dry and then brush it gently with a suede brush.

Step 2

Fresh stains on cotton fabric. Next, take any cotton fabrics with beer, fruit juice, black tea, or coffee stains. Dampen the stained area with white vinegar and leave for half an hour before laundering.

Step 3

Old stains on cotton fabric. These may need special treatment so you need to mix three tablespoons of white vinegar with two tablespoons of liquid detergent and soak the stained area with the mixture. Leave for an hour before washing in the normal way.

Step 4

Wine stains. Wine stains on cotton fabric should be treated with undiluted white vinegar and washed immediately. If you cannot launder the item, then sponge and rinse well.

Step 5

Sweat marks. Sweat marks on collars, cuffs and underarms can ruin garments. Mix together two parts white vinegar and three parts baking soda. Brush the mixture onto the marked area and leave for one hour before laundering as usual.

Step 6

Ink stains. Equal parts of white vinegar and corn starch will often lift ink stains from fabric but it depends very much on the type of ink. Let the mixture dry and brush away. Launder if required. Try this method first before purchasing specialist ink removing products.

Step 7

Blood stains. Plain white vinegar will remove fresh blood stains from fabrics. Simply pour the vinegar onto the fabric and leave for ten minutes. The blood will then rinse away.

Step 8

Crayon marks. Finally, those crayon marks that kids often get on their clothing can be really hard to remove. Try soaking the marks with white vinegar and the wax will scrape away.

There you have it, a stain-free wash without the need to purchase all those expensive stain removal products. It will save you time and money to try white vinegar first.


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This is truly valuable as we often get stains. And vinegar is always available and safe, too.

By Mary Norton