How To Wash and Reshape Sweaters

There are several steps you should take to wash and reshape your sweaters in order to keep them looking brand new and at their best.

The first and most important tip to always remember is to never, ever put a sweater in your dryer! Proper care requires a special wash technique and reshaping which I will explain to you now.

  1. There are two ways to wash your sweaters. If you choose to use the washing machine to wash, you must remember to put your wash cycle on delicate and use a special detergent for your sweaters.
    • After you have your washing machine is full of water, put your sweater in a mesh laundry bag so that it cannot move and circulate much in the washing machine.
    • Once you get the spin cycle, stop the washing machine and take your sweaters out that are still in the bag. Delicately try and remove the extra water by letting your bag drip slowly and do not wring or twist it at all. Lay down your sweater on a long, dry towel and roll the sweater in the towel, back and forth, being firm to press the sweater against the towel to collect the additional water. Do not wring the towel at all.
    • Next, you need to lay another dry towel on a flat surface. Switch the sweater from your wet towel to the new dry one and shape it out. You can use a table, or another long, hard surface for putting your sweater on to air dry. Always protect your surface that you have the wet towel on with something underneath it, such as vinyl or plastic.
    • Next, lay the sweater on the towel and reshape it back into its original shape as when you wore it. Try to avoid pulling or shaping roughly, being very delicate. Slowly reshape the neckline, wrist and waist areas on the sweater . If you have a collar, fold it down and button the buttons to keep sweater together. Let the sweater dry at least 24 hours before touching or moving it. After 24 hours, turn the sweater over and and arrange it into shape on a new dry towel in the same way you did first. Again, dry 24 hours.
    • Once the time is up, fold your sweater and store. Don't hang a sweater on a hanger because the weight of the sweater can stretch it out and reform your shape and leave shoulder marks from the hanger.
  2. The second method is the same as previously told, but you can hand wash your sweater. You will do the same steps as above, but using a bathtub or a kitchen sink to wash your sweater. If hand washing your sweater, you must fill the sink or tub above the level of the sweater and put your detergent in the water before you place your sweater in the tub or sink. Once you have mixed the detergent and water, you can place the sweater in the sink or tub and gently swish water around the sweater causing little movement to the garment. Leave in the sink for 3 hours before removing the sweater and follow the same steps above for placing on towel and drying.


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