How To Wash Pillow Cases

A good night’s sleep is a necessity for all human beings. At the very mention of a tiring and stressful day, one wants to hit the bed and cuddle up with a warm, clean and nice-smelling pillow. A clean and soft pillow helps you sleep and dream better. Learn the best way to wash your pillow cases and keep them around for a long time.

Irrespective of the material the pillow cases are made from - cotton or satin - remove them and turn them inside out before putting them in the wash. This helps keep the front side from being damaged, preserving the pillow case fabric. Also, don’t wash all of your pillow cases together at the same time.

Placing your pillow cases in a lingerie or mesh bag will help protect them while washing as this will keep them from unraveling and clumping. If you do not have these bags handy, tie up your cotton pillow cases in one of the larger pillow cases with the help of a string or a rubber band and wash them. Separate satins from cottons and colors from whites!

Your pillow cases are delicate and require mild laundry detergent. When you're buying laundry detergent, check for products that read ‘for gentle wash only’. A strong laundry detergent can not only damage the pillow case but also ruin the color. Also, before you put them into the washer, set the washer either to a gentle or a delicate cycle.

Putting your pillow cases in the dryer can only damage them further because of the high heat most dryers use. A better way to dry them is to hang them over a clothesline or to lay them flat on an even surface or over a shower rod.

Once the pillow cases are dry, shake them to get rid of the stiffness and fluff the fabric. Use a steam iron to remove creases or wrinkles from the pillow cases. Set the temperature according to the material: a little higher for cotton pillow cases and lower for your satin ones. You should also invert the case before ironing, especially satin pillow cases.

To summarize, the key to avoiding blunders while washing your pillow cases is to use mild detergent, set the washer to a delicate style, turn the cases inside out, wash them in separate bags, use proper drying methods and set the right temperature while ironing. Once you have this technique in place, washing your pillow cases will be an effortless task.


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