How To Wash Woolen Blankets

Woolen blankets are a warm comfort on a cool night. But the special care wool needs may deter you from bringing wool blankets into your home. Learn these steps on how to wash woolen blankets and you'll be able to enjoy the comfort of a wool blanket for years.

Step 1

Change the settings to delicate. It's not necessary to wash your woolen blankets by hand anymore. Lucky for you, your washer comes equipped with a cycle to wash woolen blankets for you! It's the delicate wash cycle, and it will only agitate the wool slightly. Although you likely wash your other clothing on the normal or heavy duty setting, it's imperative that your washer be set to the delicate cycle when you wash woolen blankets.

Step 2

Turn your washer onto cold water only. You cannot wash woolen blankets with any type of heat or the fibers will shrink and your wool blanket just won't feel or look right. Make sure that all of the cycles of your washing machine are set to use only cold water.

Step 3

Slow down your spin. Wool fibers are fragile things. They don't like to be heated, wrung or spun. With that in mind, you'll understand why it's necessary for you to turn down the speed of your spin cycle on your washing machine. You want to wash your woolen blankets in the most delicate way possible, and this includes the spin cycle. Turn it to low and don't allow for a second spin cycle (if your washing machine has this option).

Step 4

Use the right detergent. Although you can use your normal detergent to wash woolen blankets, there are better options. Woolite makes a great detergent called Zero Fabric Wash that is specifically formulated for delicate or woolen clothes. It isn't harsh, which is important when you wash wool. Plus, it will help your wool blanket to keep its color and texture, drawing out the lifespan of your beloved wool blanket.

Step 5

Hang to dry. After you wash woolen blankets, you must hang them to dry. There are no exceptions here - wool and heat do not mix! Hang your wool blanket outside on a warm and breezy day. If the weather isn't so good, hang your woolen blanket inside on a rust-proof towel bar or even atop a door. Make sure that the blanket isn't jumbled or layered or it will not dry properly. A wool blanket needs lots of air flow to dry properly.

Once you've washed your woolen blankets, make sure you store them appropriately. Keep them out of damp or moist placed by storing them in a sealed and vacuum-packed plastic bag. Mothballs were the alternative years ago, but the scent it just too much. Instead, opt for draft-free plastic bags that keep all types of moisture and insects away from your woolen blankets.


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