How To Win a Kitchen Makeover

Ever wonder what it would be like trapped in the dark ages and starving for something to eat? Stuck in such a dreary era when you would only have a cauldron, wooden spoon and a dull, rusty knife to cook with? You would be hard-pressed to come up with something edible to eat if you had to work under those circumstances. What’s that you say? You feel the same way now, here in the future? Well, do not worry, you are not alone. So many cooks all over the country wish they had all the amenities of the modern age like microwaves, food processors and the like instead of being stuck with next to nothing. New cooking ware is just too expensive and will actually take away from the food budget. Wouldn’t it be great to win a kitchen makeover? Not with your rotten luck, you think. Chin up, friend, it can happen and you can do something about it. Here is how to win a kitchen makeover:

  • Join a contest. Look for home appliance stores in and around your area. Talk to the sales people and managers. Most of these stores, especially if they are big chain-like establishments will probably have kitchen makeover and renovation contests throughout the year. Or they will know of other such contests because they were probably contracted by the contest organizers to supply the winning kitchen makeover. Also try looking for contests in county and school fairs, church group events and the like. There are a lot out there; you just have to know where to look.
  • Join a raffle. Sweepstakes and raffles always have the best prizes. Usually the prizes include tons of cash, vacation getaways in a resort or different country and sometimes, home and kitchen appliances. If you see posters and print ads with contest rules, give them a read. See if you are eligible for the raffle and understand the mechanics of joining, participating and winning. Here, you are mostly relying on luck but hey, you never know right? Acquire as many tickets or entries as you can to increase your chances but do not be disappointed if you lose because there will be other opportunities out there. This is a low risk, high reward way of winning a kitchen makeover so you should always give sweepstakes and raffles a shot.
  • Send pictures of your kitchen to television shows. Most local television networks or programs like running human interest pieces about struggling families. Usually, if they really see that the family is in need, they provide assistance either through home renovations or donations. You can put yourself on their radar if you send them pictures of your wreck of a kitchen. If you do not want anyone’s pity, do not worry, you do not have to be ashamed. You have just been put in a situation so dire and bleak that you need assistance badly. You have seen television programs where they knock on someone’s door and surprise them with something nice right? Did you see the joy in those homeowners’ eyes? You could experience that too. Think about that.
  • Look for home improvement blogs and forums. Be updated on contests and sweepstakes by looking for forums and blogs where they keep track of kitchen makeovers and renovations. Do a quick Internet search for “kitchen makeover contest” because there are new ones monthly, if not weekly.

Winning a kitchen makeover usually takes a lot of luck but to begin the process, you will need initiative. Help yourself win one and finally get that dream kitchen you have always wanted.


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