How To Win Over a Prospective Landlord

Winning over a prospective landlord is not always the easiest task.  Landlords are picky people and they’re not always professional people.  Many times they do some other kind of work and just act as landlords to bring in extra money.  Sometimes when you are trying to win over a prospective landlord, you are simply trying to get a stranger to like you.

This is a good thing to keep in mind with part-time landlords.  But if you are trying to rent from a large and professional leasing company, leasing agents are professional and they are the type of landlord that you win over by approaching your rental situation like a job interview.

Come in dressed professionally with all the appropriate paperwork.  Come in like you’re on your lunch break even if you’re not.  It makes you look more responsible.  Remember you can’t stay long.  You have to go back to work or at least somewhere important.  Next fill out the paperwork.  Have a list of questions but don’t make a lot small talk or give out too much information about your personal life.  You want to be as impersonal as possible to impress a professional leasing agent.  You just want to seem clean, gainfully employed for a reasonable amount of time, with halfway decent credit, and easy going.  You want to be a perfect tenant.  Even if you think you could be the best of friends with your professional leasing agent, save that conversation until you’ve signed the papers and the place is yours.

If you are trying to impress a landlord that is not a professional, like a homeowner that’s renting you a garage, or a working individual that happens to own a property or two, then you have to find the proper balance.

Some landlords like this appreciate professionalism, but some are very turned off by it.  It’s best to show up dressed somewhat business casual.  You don’t have to have someplace to be.  It’s often better to show up for an interview with these leasing agents by showing up after work in the evening,  When it comes to being personal, you just have to feel out the situation.  If you get a vibe that you need to be more personal then just remember, this is like getting a regular person to like you.  If you met this person at a cocktail party, how would you get them to like you?  Would it be impossible?  If so this might not be a good fit for you.  When it comes to landlords like this, it’s often like a roommate situation.  If you don’t get along or don’t click, don’t sweat it.  Just move onto the right fit.


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