How To Wire a Surface Mounted Phone Jack

Wiring surface mounted phone jacks is necessary, especially if the phone cable in your home needs to be extended so that it can be transferred to a different location. While doing it can take some time, particularly if you are not quite adept at performing such tasks, it can be easy by just following the instructions outlined below.

  1. Have all of the necessary tools to quickly wire a surface mounted phone jack. Of course, phone jacks have to be acquired, as well as various sizes and types of screwdrivers and pliers. Have a wire stripper tool if you do not have the combination pliers-stripper type of tool handy.
  2. Prepare the phone cable for installing a phone jack. Grab the pliers-stripper or wire stripper tool and use this to remove about two inches from the insulating material on the phone cable. Place the phone cable into the tool's hole and apply just the sufficient force to squeeze it. Gently wiggle the tool back and forth to carefully loosen the insulating material. Once loose, pull it off. Make sure that you do so very lightly to avoid nicking any of the still insulated copper wires within. Now, untwist the still insulated but thinner wires found inside just up to the unsheathed part of the cable. Now, remove about half an inch of the copper wire insulating material that's colored red. Perform the same step for the green wire.
  3. Finally wire the surface mounted phone jack. Grab the phone jack and use the correct size and type of screwdriver to remove its covering. Once this is done, you should see the inside with four connector screws securely installed into the jack. On the base of it, you will see screws as well that will be used to mount it on a surface. Do this step first before proceeding to wire the phone jack. Next is to have the phone cable's base, meaning the unsheathed part, inserted into this canal. Now, get the correct type of screwdriver to loosen the connector screws in the jack. Unscrew only those labeled red and green. Wrap the exposed copper wire that has the red colored insulating material into the corresponding connector screw on the jack. Do the same step for the exposed copper wire sheathed in green colored insulation. Make sure that no extra copper strands are dangling from the screw connectors as such may cause phone connection problems.

All that you need to do is replace the covering of the phone jack and secure it with the supplied screws. Once you are done doing this, then you can test if you have successfully wired the phone jack. Simply hook up the phone to the jack and you should hear a dial tone come.


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