How To Wire Electric Meters

Electric meters measure the amount of electricity consumed by a household and the data found on it will be reflected on your bill. It makes it possible to bill your energy consumption. But before the electric meter is installed, the electric meter box should be prepared by wiring the terminal connections.

  1. Connect the wires from the service pole. You will be working on the line side of the electric meter box which is the top portion inside the meter box. The electrical wires coming from the service pole will feed the electricity through the electric meter box. When you open the meter box you'll notice the top portion has connection terminals on both sides of the box and one in the middle. Both sides of the meter box also contain half circle holders for the electric meter. Upon closer inspection of the terminal connectors you will notice that the connectors have a clamp like feature with a screw to secure the wires from the service pole. The two black wires are hot wires and should be connected to the terminals, so take one black wire and attach it to a terminal connector. If the black wires aren't stripped of its insulation, use a wire stripper to take off about half an inch of insulation. Then push the exposed end of the black wire in a terminal connector, and then secure it in place by tightening the screws on the connectors. Do the same procedure for the other terminal. The third wire will have white tape wrapped on it to indicate that it is not a hot wire and that it is a neutral wire. Connect the neutral wire to the terminal at the middle area between the hot wire terminals.
  2. Connect wires to the load side. The bottom portion of the electric meter box is the load side and contains the terminals for the wires that are installed in your house. Your wiring procedures here will be the same as that of the line side. Take a black hot wire and strip about half an inch of insulation with a wire stripper. Place the wire at the bottom right terminal connection and tighten the screw to hold the wire down. Do the same for the bottom left terminal with the other hot wire and make sure it is screwed in tight. Take the neutral wire that is marked with white tape and connect this to the bottom middle terminal.
  3. Connect the ground wire. Now you will connect a ground wire to the electric meter box. Look for the neutral ground terminal which you will find at the middle of the electrical meter box, near the bottom neutral wire terminal. Connect the ground wire on the neutral ground terminal and secure the connection by tightening the screw. The other end of the ground wire should be attached to the ground rod and should be covered with a pipe for protection.

Preparing the wiring for the electric meter may seem like an easy task but a lot of safety precautions must be taken to avoid getting serious accidents.


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