How To Work with a Builder

A remodel is quite an undertaking. In a sense, it is even more taxing than building new because it inevitably upsets the daily course of your life. Furthermore, a good remodel begins with choosing a good builder. This is vital to a satisfactory outcome. For a short or long time, this builder will be like your business partner, in some cases nearly a roommate. Just as important as selecting a qualified contractor is being able to work well with him or her. Here are some tips on how to develop and maintain a good working relationship with your builder:

Step 1

Choose your contractor. The first step is locating and hiring a qualified contractor to do the work. These first impressions, as you interview the different builders, will set the stage for later interactions.

Step 2

Keep an open mind. It is best to be lenient and prepared for unforeseen changes and problems. They are inevitable in a remodel or renovation. A good builder will be able to roll with these changes, making the best out of bad obstacles. Try to do the same yourself.

Step 3

Be assertive. All that being said, don't be afraid to assert yourself. Stay on top of things. Make sure you're tracking materials on order and overall progress. Don't be afraid to ask questions; this is your house and the builder knows it.

Step 4

Be professional. You are in a contracted relationship so try to remain professional. In the face of those all-too-common remodel frustrations, it can be easy to lose your head. Many of the problems that arise between builders and homeowners are easily avoidable with a cool head and a willingness to understand.

Very likely, none of this information is very surprising. Most of it is common sense, and that, really, is 99 percent of what you need when working with a builder. While it is a professional and expensive relationship and the future of your home depends on it, there is no need to overcomplicate things. Your builder is going to be deeply involved in the project as he tries to move it along and maximize his profit. You, effectually, should do the same. Find yourself a local, pre-screened builder to work with right now and get your remodel up and running!

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