It's Getting Hot: 8 Climate Change Facts You Didn't Know

ice rocks melting on the shore

The climate is changing on a global scale. Temperatures have risen steadily with a global average increase of 1.6F since the end of the nineteenth century. 

To many, this may not sound like a lot, yet it is enough to worry scientists the world over. Every year new temperature records are being set on a global and more local level. 

If that isn't enough to get your worried about the future of our planet then check out these alarming climate change facts. It's not too late, but we need to be the voice of change now, to give us a better tomorrow. 

1. Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels

Carbon Dioxide levels are the highest they have ever been, currently standing at 405 parts per million. Even if we put an end to everything that was causing this rise, the damage would continue to be seen for up to a century

2. 11% of the Population Exposed to Climate Change

As of right now, over 800 million people are directly feeling the effects of climate change. The impact is also vastly different for everybody. From droughts to fires, floods to hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions. 

3. Costal Deforestation Causing Unseen Damage

While everybody is aware of the ongoing war against deforestation, but we are losing 1 billion hectares of coastal forest alone, per year. This is an area larger than New York City.

4. Natural Preservation is Cheaper then Man-Made Solutions

Building a sea wall to help stem the currents costs billions, not including the costs of maintenance and repairs. The same could be achieved by preserving natural reefs, but at a cost, that is four times lower than the man-made solution.  

5. Coastal Forests are Missing But Vital

Not only are we losing a vast amount of coastal forest every year, but we are losing one of our best carbon stores. Coastal forests store ten times more carbon than their inland tropical cousins.

6. 195 Nations are Backing the Environment 

The environment has the support of 195 different nations. They all signed the Paris Climate Agreement. The agreement aims to halt global warming and prioritize environmental protection. 

7. Saving the Planet Adds Jobs and Earns Money

If saving the planet wasn't enough motivation, how about the simple fact that ending deforestation and working to restore what we have broken would create jobs. Sustainable forests where everything is regulated and controlled with also lead to increased revenue globally. 

Save the planet, create jobs and increase the global economy. It's a win-win situation

8. Tropical Forests are Underfunded but Hold the Solution

The management and protection of tropical rainforests in vital to the continued revival of the planet. Restoring the rainforests would help accommodate 30% of all carbon emissions, yet the efforts to protect them receive just 2% of the available funding. 

We Can Turn the Climate Change Facts Into Fiction

While it may look bad from the climate change facts listed above, but it's not the end of things. The battle for our planet is just getting started. 

If everybody works together we can turn things around and ensure a long and healthy future for our children and the many generations that follow. But we need to act now. 

Check out the rest of our site for information on how you can play your part. From going eco-friendly to getting a job in a non-profit organization and making a career out of helping our planet. 


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