How To Store Magazines

New magazines are often on display for reading. They bring in the latest news, fads, information and intriguing stories. Before long, these magazines must be discarded. However there are some ways to save these magazines from total waste. The bottom line is to properly store them in places that will ensure their crisp texture, color and quality.

Packing books and magazines should be done with care. Paper quality is very susceptible to environmental damage including yellowing, dust and humidity. It is a worthy investment to spend time and money to pack and organize. Whether you are a book dealer or magazine collector, here are some tips how to properly preserve magazines.

  1. You might consider using some locking storing containers, file cabinets and fire-proof safes. Solid structures such as these discourage the entry of voracious insects and nibbling mice. Fire safes are the most safe but tremendously heavy to move.
  2. Avoid newspapers for packing. Always keep in mind that newspapers are light materials that printed with ink, easily soaked in water. Room humidity enables the newspaper's print to stick to the magazines.
  3. Elevate the storage containers a few inches from the floor. You may use blocks of wood or bricks. During the rainy season, when leaks are possible, you should anticipate flooding in the storage area.
  4. Set up traps and poison. If you have plans to store magazines for a very long period of time, you might as well consider the existence of the little inhabitants in the dark cozy atmosphere. To control these pests, you should prepare at least two rat traps in the storage room and mothballs in the shelves and within the storage containers.
  5. If you cannot afford solid structures such as safes and cabinets, you can use same-size boxes for easy stacking. Boxes with a large base can be stacked above your height. Do not lift heavy boxes by bending down with your back. Always bend your knees to avoid strain on your spine.
  6. Stick adhesive labels onto containers. For better organization, you might consider writing the labels as big as possible for easy reference and arranging the categories alphabetically or chronologically.
  7. Pack essential items last. When filling in the containers or boxes, you must first place in the not-so-important magazines or any document. In this kind of arrangement, you find your needed magazines on the top upon opening.
  8. For transporting boxes, firmly tape the bottom of the boxes to avoid unnecessary spillage due to the heavy weight of the magazines or weak box material.
  9. For long term storage, prevent sticking the magazines with another by placing a tissue paper between magazine pages. To prevent warping or deformation of the magazines, place a strong cardboard, plastic or wood on the insides of the container.

There are many ways to effectively store magazines. You might also prepare a fire extinguisher for precautionary measures, whether your magazines are in the attic, cellar or the storage room.  


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