Replace a Gas Stove

Replacing a gas stove is not easy as it may seem. You might think you would just need to plug out the old stove and slide in the new one. Well, if only things were as easy as that. If they were, you would not be reading this and since you are let's get down to the basics of replacing your old gas stove with a new one.

The first thing you need to make sure before changing the stove is that the gas connection to the stove is switched off. Almost always there is a switch/lever right behind the gas stove that when put to the off position should do the job. Sometimes however (in older homes) the lever is not present near the stove. So make a thorough inspection to determine where the gas connection to the stove is. It is usually in the basement if you have one. Switch it off and test to make sure that you got the right one. After the gas has been switched off, turn on any knob of the gas stove. You should not hear or smell any gas coming out. If nothing happens then you can go the next step.

Carefully remove the tubing that runs from the gas wall outlet to the stove. You will need a wrench to do this. Slide out the old stove and make room for the new stove to slide in. Hopefully you made sure that the dimensions of the new stove are the same as the stove opening in your kitchen. Now slide the gas stove in keeping yourself towards the opening. Now you need to put the gas tube of the new stove in place. Sometimes it's as easy as just wrenching it in, but sometimes the tubing out of the stove and the gas outlet will not fit together. You may need to run to a hardware store to purchase one that fits. Make sure you take both the old tube and the new tube so that you can buy the correct one instead of making trips back and forth to the store.

One you have made the connection to the new stove, tape it up with a special yellow sticky tape that does not allow for any gas leaks. Tape both ends, the end going to the outlet and the one that goes to the stove. Get out of the hole you imprisoned yourself in. Before sliding in the gas stove, make sure it works. Switch on the gas and make sure you have a flame when you switch the stove on. Once everything is in place very carefully slide in the new stove, making sure you don't crunch up the tubing. Voila! You are done.


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