How To Solve Air Pollution

The unpredictable climate that we experience nowadays is undeniably due to global warming. The continued increase in the global surface temperature will cause an increase in the sea levels and its subsequent effects. The destructible global warming could be blamed on us humans due to the air pollution that we create and how it depletes the ozone layer. Continued use of the air pollutants will make air pollution worse and therefore needs to have a solution.

Clean Air Act

Every nation has to take action in working out and implementing solutions to air pollution. It is but necessary that everyone should implement its own Clean Air Act to combat air pollution. The Clean Air Act, if strictly enforced by the government, will surely help improve its clean air standard, which in turn improves human health and results in a longer life span. The Clean Air Act of America, Canada, Europe and other nations explicitly and clearly identified the solutions to air pollution and why everybody should be concerned about it.

Solutions to Air Pollution on the Industrial Level

Air pollution aggravates the health problems of elderly and others who have cardio and respiratory diseases. Though everybody plays a vital role in combating air pollution, the industry should be the most aggressive in the implementation of the Clean Air Act. Meeting the ambient air quality standards by installing equipment such as smokestack scrubbers, electrostatic precipitators, and other filters will regulate the emissions of various pollutants.

The ultimate goal of every industry should be to eliminate the use of fossil fuel and replace internal-combustion engines if long-term solution to air pollution is important to them. Other suggested solutions such as increasing electricity rates and gasoline prices would deter waste and inefficiency and will have an impact.

Individual Responsibility

Air is the most important element to live. We could live for days without food and water but we could die faster in a few minutes without air. Polluted air contributes to various diseases and even destroys buildings, trees, plants, lakes and other living things. It is the responsibility of every individual to help curb the worsening air pollution that our mother Earth is experiencing now.

There are so many ways that we could help prevent air pollution from reaching its worst level. At home and at work, turn off the lights when not needed; change the light bulbs into low power ratings with high efficiency; buy air-conditioning and refrigeration units using refrigerant, which emits limited CFCs into our air; dispose old appliances or household materials with aerosols properly; walk instead of using the car when going to a place only a block away; and let your school children ride in a school bus rather than sending them to school with the family car, and the list goes on.

There are plenty of ways that we can contribute in the preservation of our environment. Air pollution is an important matter, which every individual should be concerned about. The solution to air pollution is not a government concern. This is everybody's issue if we want to have a better and healthy life for ourselves and the generations to come.


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