How To Get Storage Shed Building Materials

If you're looking to build a storage shed on your own, you may think of yourself quite the DIY guy. However, as most do-it-yourselfers know, one of the most important things to consider when working on a project is that you must always have the right building materials. Months and months of planning a structure can all go down the toilet if your structure collapses on itself, just because you bought the wrong materials or tried to squeeze that last bargain out of the store.

If you're planning to build a storage shed, there are quite a number of online resources that you can check out for the plans and schematics on how to make one. You can even download simple software that helps you layout you storage shed with ease. But when it comes to choosing the right building materials, how sure are you that you are getting the right kinds? There are literally hundreds of thousands of different configurations and items that you can buy, and the last thing you will want to do is waste time running around every hardware store like a headless chicken, with no clue as to what the right materials are for building a storage shed.

You can get building plans from either the Internet or the hardware stores. Most of these plans already come with a very detailed checklist that enumerates exactly all the items you will need in order to build your storage shed. Again, you're building a storage shed – so the item that you will need the most quantity of is definitely lumber. You're going to need the usual two-by-eights, four-by-fours and two-by-fours for this, along with any other size of lumber that is called for in the plan that you are following. This lumber will be used to make the rafters, beams, joists and skids, as well as every part of the main frame of your storage shed. When choosing your lumber, make sure that it's pressure treated – you don't want it buckling at the worst of times. This type of pressure-treated lumber is also more importantly used in the floor of your storage shed, as well as being the base layer for your walls – these boards are resistant to decay, wear and tear over the years and, of course, are insect repellent as well. You can buy treated plywood for the floors and the walls of your storage shed – don't forget the nails, hinges, bolts, screws, hammers and saw that you will need. If you don't have these yet, you had better go out and buy them, for what is a handyman without the tools of his trade?

Be sure to stick to the plan when building your storage shed. Some plans will require you to build the entire structure on just wooden skids – making the storage shed a little shakier but easier to transport later on, should the need arise. Otherwise, your building plan will probably require you to have a foundation for the shed first, so you can go ahead and use cable tie-downs for that purpose as well.


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