How To Build a Homemade Wind Generator

Making your homemade wind generator is actually not as complicated as you may think. The supplies needed may be purchased from a nearby hardware store. For many people, wind turbines were difficult to assemble and even doubtfully efficient. But for some people who like a challenge, building a homemade wind turbine or generator is achievable. As the features of the turbine are being studied, wind power capacity seems to be a complete opener to those who are non-engineers. It is important to note that a small generator with 1,000 watts can provide sufficient power to give electricity to a simple small home.

There are three absolute things about wind speed that we should know in order to encourage building a homemade generator.

  1. Wind power is free. There is an abundant supply of air just blowing by. Even if we do not do anything, this wind power is still there. If we do something about the free power we can utilize it to pump electricity. Without doing something, our wind power will still be stable. Whether we do something or not, our wind power is unaffected.
  2. Wind power is clean. Using our wind power will assure us of a clean air. The energy that may be revolving in our homes comes from a source that is always clean. There may be noise pollution but not air pollution.
  3. Wind power is efficient. This means that more money is saved if power is efficient. Depending on the size of the homemade wind generator, the money invested may be recovered at once if the money spent is small and at a longer time if the money spent is a big amount.

There are important ingredients to make a wind generator. These are supplies that will help form the homemade generator that you may want to have.

  • Neodymium magnets with at least 70 lbs. puling force.
  • Steel discs, 12" all round. You will cut 12 slots in the disc like a gear. Each cut has a magnet.
  • Resin to protect the magnets from elements. There will be 24 total magnets on the 12 slots of the two discs. This would give 1kW/hr in the generator.
  • Wind blowing. The wind generator should be located in a very windy place.
  • Tale or Vail on the end of the wind generator to move where the wind is blowing.
  • Blades to spin the wind and create electricity. The force from the spinning blades is used in doing your own custom rig.
  • The spinning blades create power, which may be stored in car alternators from where batteries could be charged.

A homemade wind generator requires simple supplies. As mentioned, there are only a few items needed which can be bought from our nearby hardware store. Wind energy turbines or wind generators will not adversely affect the environment with regard to pollution. The reason is there is no fuel or gas used to operate them. On the other hand it is very important to mention that a homemade wind generator is a perfect mate for people who cannot live in areas where there is pollution.


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