How To Take Action to Reduce Global Warming

We humans have done a great job trashing the only Earth we live in. It's high time each one of us take action to reduce global warming so that our grandchildren get to inherit a clean and healthy world.

1. Dump that CRT.

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) computer monitors generate more electricity and heat and as such releases more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

2. Replace incandescent bulbs.

Incandescent bulbs are less efficient in giving off light and use more electricity. Replacing at least a couple of these frequently used incandescent bulbs with the more energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs could mean less carbon dioxide production. And what's more, you get to realize huge savings every year since compact fluorescent bulbs do not need replacing for at least a year depending on use.

3. Purchase goods with the least packaging.

Packaged goods mean more garbage, so buy those with only minimal packaging.

4. Purchase organic produce.

Organic produce are not laced with harmful petrochemicals. When you purchase organic produce, you are helping in soil and water rehabilitation. And what's best about it is you get to take care of your family's health as you get to avoid ingesting harmful chemicals.

5. Arrange a carpool.

Encourage family, friends and colleagues to set up a carpooling system in your neighborhood. Not only will you help in the reduction of carbon dioxide emission, but you get to pocket huge savings as well. And did you know that car insurance providers reward you with much cheaper insurance premiums for carpooling?

6. Refrain from buying bottled water (or at least reduce the amount you purchase).

Bottled water accounts for unnecessary extra costs that greatly affect your budget without you knowing. And of course, the plastic packaging just adds more garbage and greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Have your own reusable water bottle wherever you go to minimize on your bottled water purchases.

7. Get into gardening.

Gardening has been proven to be therapeutic. What's more, you get to help in the reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere since plants take in CO2. And if you ever opt to plant fruits and vegetables, then you get to reduce your budget allocation for food. And while you're at it, why not plant a tree or two? A single tree provides sufficient oxygen for a family of 4. Not only will you help improve your family's health, but the Earth's as well.

Some say that saving the Earth is the job of environmental activists but we can contribute something too. A gradual change in lifestyle and doing small things can spell a big difference.


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