How To Understand the Numerology of House Numbers

Numerologists believe that each number has a certain vibration which could work for or against your luck. The goal is to have a number that is compatible with your own number to bring you good fortune. This also applies to your house numbers.
House numbers have both positive and negative vibrations. It really depends on you as to how to accept the kind of vibrations that the house you live in has. Look at its strengths and weaknesses. When the energy gets too overbearing for comfort, a house clearing will help remove torpid negative energy.
Computing the numerology of house numbers is quite easy. You must follow these steps:
1.    Basic mastery of arithmetic.

Since numerology works with numbers, you need to know how to add up numbers. The numbers that you’ll be adding up are the numbers that you see at the billing statement. Say, your address is “ 375 Hudson St.” Add 3+7+5 and you get 15. Since the sum is a compound number, add them up. So you get 1+5 = 6. 6 is the vibration number of your house in 375 Hudson St.

2.    Check the positive and negative traits of the house that you live in:

  1. Great source of inventive energy; great for someone who sets trends; might induce snobbery and selfishness; prone to fire.
  2. Creates balance and harmony; for friendly, relaxed people; great home for newlyweds; has possibility to evoke indolence; fix floors.
  3. Happiest house; socially inclined people should live here; terrific for creative individuals; often filled with noise and laughter; residents like decorating its interiors making it look cluttered.
  4. Spic and span; occupants work to succeed; must put plenty of house plants; watch for structural problems.
  5. Temporary dwelling; change is necessary even its interiors; might evoke arguments and bad temper.
  6. Peaceful and loving appeal; tranquil; brings out thoughtful natures of its occupants; must set healthy boundaries between other people.
  7. Attracts mystical, imaginative people; serene environment; watch out for plumbing.
  8. Material wealth and ambition; great for entrepreneurs; works best with outdoor gardens; might encourage extreme behavior.
  9. For humanitarians and pet lovers; attracts people with messianic complexes; psychic awareness develops easily; very accident prone house.

3.    To boost its energy vibration, you could use the colors that work with them:

  1. Gold, orange, yellow
  2. Cream, green, white
  3. Lilac, light blue, violet
  4. Muted colors of blue or grey
  5. Shades of green
  6. Pink and rose
  7. Color of water
  8. Cream, blue, green
  9. Indigo, pink, yellow

The numerology of house numbers forecasts the kind of events and experiences that you might experience during your residence in that house. Usually, the house number is more important than the street number as it is more personal. However, do not pass up on a house you like just because its vibration does not jive with yours. Fate takes people to places that they need to be in that particular time of their life.


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