How To Build an Environmentally Friendly House

Building an environmentally-friendly house is definitely one way you can help in the effort of nature conservation. Here are some pointers that can assist you build that eco-friendly house.

  • Evaluate your budget. Building an environmentally-friendly house is more expensive and can cost you from 10% to 50% more compared to a standard construction. Research the prices of environment-friendly construction materials you plan to use in building your house. Environment-friendly materials are those that have undergone minimal processing and have not been treated with chemicals and are produced locally.
  • Install a tank that catches rainwater. This can help you realize big savings on your water bills. The collected rainwater can be used to flush toilets and water the garden. Additionally, have a water-efficient toilet installed so that only a minimal amount of water is required every flush.
  • Consider installing double insulation in the house. It will definitely cost more to put double insulation in the ceilings. However, this will make the house more efficient in catching energy from the sun and as such will help lower your heating bills.
  • Buy appliances that are energy-efficient. Energy-efficient machines require less power to run. This will save you a lot of money in your utilities as well.
  • Buy compact fluorescent bulbs. They are more energy-efficient and cost-effective compared to incandescent bulbs.
  • Use the sun's energy. Water can be heated using solar panels so you may want to have this installed as part of your environment-friendly house. You can also have double paneled windows and a skylight installed to maximize the sunlight during the day.
  • Use non toxic paints. Non toxic paints allow the room to breathe and as such the use of electric fans or air conditioners will be minimized during the hot season.
  • Scrap materials for your garden. You can use the empty cans of paint from the construction as plant pots. Scrap wood and the sawdust can be recycled as mulch for your garden so that you do not need to buy chemical fertilizers. The extra sand can be used for your kids' sandbox. Just make sure to sift the sand so that any materials like nails will be removed.
  • Have a Green lifestyle. An environmentally-friendly house is useless if the people living in it are wasteful and are not mindful of the ways to help save the Earth from destruction. Eat organic produce. Avoid the use of harmful household cleaning materials such as bleach. Use vinegar, milk or baking soda to remove stains instead. Stop smoking. Use plant-based insect repellents such as citronella. Avoid buying products sold in plastics to minimize the garbage generated at home.

More and more people are becoming aware of their responsibility towards nature conservation. Let us all do our part in this effort so that our kids will be left with a clean, healthy and habitable Earth.


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