Tips For Doing the Family Wash

For most people it seems that doing the laundry is a never ending chore.  You get one load finished and two more are waiting for you.  It can certainly seem a viscous cycle added to your already busy schedule.  Here are a few tips for doing the family wash that may just make your life a bit easier.

The first step in reducing your wash work load is to require each family member to place their dirty clothes in their own hamper.  You don't want to spend time picking clothing up from your children's bedroom floors or doing the sniff test trying to determine clean from dirty.  When you have to go through this cycle you end up washing clothes that are not even dirty.  This wastes not only your time but water and electricity as well.

Next when it is time to do the family wash have everyone bring their hampers to the laundry room and sort their own clothes into colors.  After all you are the one washing their clothing the least they can do is help you sort them.  You may hear some grumbles and complaints when you first enforce this new rule but they will adjust and it will certainly make your life easier.

Once the clothes have been sorted by colors look at each one before placing into the washing machine and check them for stains.  If you find any stains spray the spots with a laundry pretreatment such as spray and wash.  For blood stains use hydrogen peroxide.  Just pour a small amount directly onto the blood spot.  You will feel the material heat up and the blood will bubble away.  This method works great for white clothes but be careful as it may remove color from others.  If you find grass stains on the knees of blue jeans scrub it with toothpaste.  For blue jeans that have grease stains pour a half can of coke with your usual detergent and wash as normal.

After all of the family wash has been cleaned and dried it will need to be folded and put away.  If your children are old enough by all means have them help fold.  If they are not the greatest at folding they can still put their clothes up once you have folded them.  If you follow these simple tips you will find your laundry chore to be more bearable.  As well you will find that you can complete it in less time.




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