Tips for Laundering Cloth Diapers

Decades ago cloth diapers were the only choice.  The cloth diapers were replaced by disposable diapers and laundering cloth diapers became a thing of the past.  With keeping pace with our eco-friendly environment, cloth diapers are making a comeback and so is the necessity to launder them.  Landfills are being used up with disposable diapers and this waste takes decades to eliminate.  There is more than one method to wash cloth diapers.

There is an unsightly and usually smelly diaper pail that precedes washing cloth diapers.  The choice is whether to have the soiled diapers sit in a water solution with baking soda or the soiled diapers can be sprinkled with baking soda without the water.  After just a few days the water-filled diaper pail is heavy with soiled diapers.  This heavy pail has to be emptied in the toilet or bathtub before sending to the washing machine for washing.  Most choose keeping the soiled diapers in a dry pail and sprinkling with baking soda to keep the odors to a minimum level.

Do not overload the washing machine with soiled diapers.  Too many diapers will cause too much tension and the diapers will start balling up which causes discomfort for the baby's bottom.  Diapers are porous and a buildup of detergent can be trapped in the diapers.  It is recommended that only one fourth of the normal amount of detergent be used when washing diapers. A choice of a baby detergent is safer when washing diapers.

The diapers will need to go through two complete washing cycles.  The first washing cycle needs to have a temperature setting of cold wash and cold rinse.  The second washing cycle needs to have a temperature setting of hot wash and cold rinse.  If you have hard water a half cup of distilled white vinegar may be added to the fabric softener during the final rinse.  Two to three drops of Tea Tree Oil can help to eliminate any odor problems.  Too much use of the oil may cause the diapers to repel the moisture in the diapers.

After the diapers have completed the washing process they are ready to be either line or dryer dried.  Most people use the electric dryer but line drying diapers in the sun helps eliminate stains. The heat from the dryer helps to sanitize the diapers.  The diapers will need to be dried for 60 to 90 minutes on the hot setting.




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