Tips on Cleaning Oriental Rugs

You don't have to take your oriental rugs for an expensive trip to the drycleaners. In fact, by using some simple methods, you can clean them yourself, save some money, and prolong the lives of your beautiful floor coverings.

  • The best tip for cleaning your oriental rugs is to keep them well-vacuumed on both sides. Removing dirt on a regular basis keeps sharp gritty particles from working their way into your oriental rug and abrading its fibers. Regular attention with the vacuum also makes it easier to shampoo your rug.
  • Attending to accidents and spills as soon as they occur will extend the time between thorough shampooing, too. Blot up any liquids immediately and rinse with clean water and a bit of white vinegar. The vinegar will help prevent the colors running and neutralize pet odors. Blot up the water and vinegar and dry your oriental carpet as quickly as possible out of directly sunlight. Check the oriental carpet's backing to make sure it is thoroughly dry to prevent damage.
  • Sooner or later, it will become necessary to give your oriental rug a deeper cleaning. Use a bit of mild liquid soap or rug shampoo on a damp cloth to test for colorfastness in a hidden spot. If the color doesn't come off on your cloth, you're ready for the next step. A soft-bristled brush or a nonshedding sponge saturated with your chosen shampoo or soap should be used in a gentle brushing action that follows the nap of your oriental rug, not a brisk scrubbing motion.
  • When you're done with the main part of your oriental rug, here's another tip: wash the fringe, too. A laundry brush that's wet with the same soap used on the rug will get the fringe clean. Just remember to work in a direction away from the oriental rug itself.
  • After the rug and fringe have received their cleansing bath, they should be rinsed with cool running water to remove excess soap or shampoo. Using a window squeegee to remove extra water from the rug is a time-saving tip that speeds drying.
  • After you've squeegee to you your hearts and rug's content, lay the carpet on a flat surface to dry. Check the nap. If it feels dry, flip your oriental carpet to finish drying the backing. Once completely dry, you may want to gently brush or vacuum the nap on your carpet to raise and make it feel softer.


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