How To Compare Polypropylene Tanks

Polypropylene tanks can be used as containment tanks, testing tanks, PVC tanks, rubber tanks, or process tanks. With its various types and models like round, rectangular, large, and molded, every industry will surely get their needed polypropylene tank.

Here are some types and models of polypropylene tanks available in the market. These types are determined based on their shapes and uses:

  • Domed Bottom. This type has a cylindrical shape with its dome-shaped bottom. This is used for mixing, processing, and storing items that are as hot as 140°F. This also has a drainage system for easier and safer emptying.
  • Water Tanks. Obviously, these tanks were made for storing water.
  • Fuel/Oil Tanks. These polypropylene tanks were especially made to store fuel oil, kerosene, diesel fuel, motor oils, antifreeze, and biodiesel oil. However, these tanks cannot cater to aromatic oils, oxidizers, gasoline, and jet fuel because the tanks might become damaged when stored with these liquids.
  • Multi-Purpose. These polypropylene tanks are flexible for use since these can be used as hydraulic tanks, solvent tanks, soap tanks, overflow bottles, oil tanks, hydrostatic tanks, coolant recovery tanks, and windshield washer tanks.
  • Large Cone-Shaped Bottom. These tanks are usually used for storing water, though they can also be used to store food. Up to 1,000 gallons of water can be stored in one regular-size large cone-shaped bottom tank.
  • Livestock Containment. This polypropylene tank is used for feeding and watering livestock. This also features easy drainage of water with its drainage plug.
  • Flat Flange. This is made of strong materials that resist stress and cracking. Some liquids that can be stored with this type of tank are acetic acid, ammonia solutions, inks, alcohols, mineral oils, latex, glycols, formaldehyde, oxalic acid, glycolic acid, and a lot more.
  • Flat-bottom cylindrical. This is ideal for simple cleaning chemicals like lactic acid, detergent, soaps, wetting agents, and other treatment chemicals.
  • Large Vertical. This tank is made for easy moving and easy monitoring of liquid level. Usually, this tank is used to store chemicals, liquid fertilizers, and herbicides.
  • Cistern. If you need something portable that can store a lot of water, then this tank is for you. It is especially manufactured to protect the water inside and keep it safe and clean.

Actually, these are just some of the many types and models of polypropylene tanks. Just consider that there is a special tank used for a special purpose. Imagine how many liquid containers that the world needs. The actual number of types and models of these tanks is immeasurable, simply because there is a limitless possibility of where this useful material for tanks can be used.

The various types and models of polypropylene tanks can really provide any tank needed by every industry. The various options allow these tanks to be used as containment tanks, testing tanks, PVC tanks, rubber tanks, and process tanks. Common people may not know how precious these tanks are, but at least their purpose has been well-served. For sure, there will be more kinds of polypropylene tanks in the market as people’s needs continue to evolve. 


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