How To Understand Cooking Appliances

Cooking appliances were made to make our lives easier. From the dishwasher to the simple garlic slicer, these contraptions were all created so that we could have more time for our other needs. Since we all need to eat, cooking is major work that needs to be accomplished on a daily basis. Preparing food to eat using cooking appliances allow us to accomplish much more within the same limited amount of time.

Cooking goes back to about 250,000 years ago when the ancestors in Europe cooked in ancient hearths and open fires. Pots were hung from chains and hearths were on the ground. Chinese civilization had clay stoves that were fired by wood through a hole in front. Sometimes, charcoal was used to cook in place of wood. Cooking was controlled and regulated in both cases by lowering or raising the pot. It was only in the late 1800s when the gas oven was finally available to households.

A kitchen stove is an appliance created to cook food. Kitchen stoves are dependent on using direct heat to accomplish the task of cooking. Cooking ranges or burners that use fuel are commonly used in developing countries. Electric stoves and stoves that use natural gas are used in western countries.

Modern kitchens often have stoves that have cooking burners on the top and cooking ovens under it. There are also cooking ranges that only have hobs or burners for cooking. These cooking hobs can also be installed inside a kitchen countertop for easier cooking. Having a kitchen countertop with burners installed on it is the current trend in kitchen design today. You will often get to see famous chefs cooking on TV with kitchen countertops equipped with burners. Of course, the oven is still a fixture in the kitchen but these are relegated to the sides, presumably because of the oven's bulk, which tends to occupy much space.

Nowadays there are so many types of cooking appliances that a new homemaker can be confused with which type of appliance will better suit their needs. Stores that specialize in kitchen appliances sometimes add more to the confusion with all the different appliances that they have on sale. Aside from these stores, there are also a lot of kitchen appliances available online that offer discounts on small kitchen appliances.

Cooking appliances used to be simple. All you needed was a place to make a fire and a pot in which you would stew, brew and simmer the day's catch. You sliced garlic, onions, carrots and potatoes with a knife, and not just put it in a food processor where it is all sliced, diced and mixed together. You rolled up your sleeves to wash dishes with soapy water, rinsed then and wiped them dry yourself, and didn't just pop three days worth of dirty dishes, glasses, bowls, and greasy pots and pans into your sturdy dishwasher which does all the work.

There are so many cooking appliances today that not much time and effort is needed in the kitchen. It frees us to do other important stuff and what's more important is, we still get to eat.


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