How To Choose Between Different Types of Pillows

Pillow types

Sleeping on comfortable beds and pillows is the best relief after a long day’s work. It is satisfying to look forward to this escape in being comforted by your pillows. Pillows are created not only to comfort but also to support your body while sleeping. Listed below are the characteristics of several types of pillows. Read on so that you will know which pillow suits your sleeping needs.

Pillow Type # 1: Orthopedic Pillow or Cervical Pillow

These pillows are similar to memory foam pillows that are carefully designed to provide supportive areas for both your head and your neck. This pillow makes sure that your neck is perfectly aligned with your spine.

Some travel pillows or bucky pillows can also be classified under the orthopedic pillow category. These pillows give support for your head and your neck while sitting. These pillows feature a U-shape style in order to prevent your head from sliding into a bumpy and a risky position. On the other hand, one disadvantage of this pillow is that it makes the neck stiff.

Lumbar pillows are also another type under this category. These pillows are made to provide support for the lower back, usually during long hours of sitting (e.g. studying for nursing examinations). The lumbar pillow's main purpose is to bridge the gap between your lower back and your chair.

Another type under the orthopedic category is the donut pillow. This pillow has the shape of a torus. This donut pillow has an “easing power” in the area of the tailbone. Most people who use this kind of pillow are those who suffer pain from colon diseases and hemorrhoids. People who were injured in the tailbone also prefer donut pillows.

Pillow Type # 2: Decorative pillows

As the name implies, most decorative pillows are solely used for decorative purposes. Most of these decorative pillows are square. These pillows are usually removed from the bed at bedtime. Decorative pillows abound in public areas of the house. They also serve as support for sick people. Naps can also be best done through the support of a decorative cushion. Decorative pillows are also called sofa pillows (found in couches), accent pillows (highlights areas in the house), and toss and floor pillows. There are also pillows that have irregular shapes (e.g. heart, bone, and cat). These pillows are called novelty pillows. The main purpose of these pillows is to lighten the mood of an area.

Pillow Type # 3: Bed pillows

These pillows are the ordinary pillows that you use at home. Usually, bed pillows are rectangular in shape. Pillowcases are needed to preserve the cleanliness and scent of bed pillows. Most bed pillows are matched with bed sheets.

Under this category are the body pillows. These body pillows are as long as your body. They usually provide knees, head, legs, and neck with support. These pillows are highly recommended for pregnant women and for those who are side sleepers.

Pillow Type # 4: Other types of pillows

These are other types of pillows: Abrazador, Boyfriend or Husband, Dakikamura, Firestop and Rock. Abrazador is a pillow made of foam from the Philippines. It is an elongated pillow, while a boyfriend pillow is a soft and unique pillow with arms. On the other hand, Dakikamura is a pillow from Japan. In contrast, Firestop pillows are utilized for fire safety. Lastly, the Rock pillow came from China, and is believed to cure some diseases.

With these lists of pillows, you can now choose which pillow will suit your needs and desires.


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