How To Compare Ultrasonic Cleaners

Cleaning is part of everyday life whether it is cleaning your car, your house or simply cleaning your bag or wallet. But have you ever wondered how other tiny objects are being cleaned? Giant industrial machines for instance? For those who are naturally curious, you might have already heard of this device. These objects use ultrasonic cleaning devices.

Ultrasonic cleaners use ultrasound to clean tiny, fragile or sensitive objects. It goes together with a solution depending on the item to be cleaned. It is used as a jewelry cleaner, a watch cleaner, etc. This works by using tiny bubbling air parts to go deep inside fragments or holes in a fluid and digital manner. It takes out the tiniest dirt that has stuck to an object making it a very effective tool in cleaning. Simply put, an object is placed inside a cylinder with a certain type of chemical or a water based solution and the energy emitted from the ultrasound transducer creates an effect that produces vacuum like bubbles which in turn clean the particles.

There are different types of ultrasonic cleaners.

  1. Light cleaners. This type cleans very small sensitive items like contact lenses and coins. This is also used as an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.  It does not have a complex circuit generator as the other cleaners in fact it has a very small one causing it to be a little ineffective but can be used for simple cleaning jobs.         
  2. Medium cleaner.  This has a higher transducer and very good in cleaning tiny electronic objects such as watch parts. It keeps for a longer period of time so you could save money if you purchase this. It usually has the generator inside the tank like an ultrasonic bath which sometimes causes overheating for some objects.
  3. Heavy duty cleaner. This is an industrial cleaner, which can be used in ultrasonic welding. This cleaner can be placed at a far location or high up and does not require too much time for cleaning because it has an extremely high wattage. It can be used in cars, sports equipments, factories, and computers and in the military in creating weapons.

Ultrasonic cleaners are also used in parts of electronic items, dental equipments, laboratory glasses, medical gadgets, car parts, etc. Most people prefer ultrasonic cleaners because they are time efficient, stable and do not damage items. Other cleaning procedures can cause discoloration and fault on most objects almost every time. Although not environmentally friendly, ultrasonic cleaners are used because of their effectiveness.

There are a lot of things you need to consider in ultrasonic cleaning. There are different factors involved such as correct procedures in getting the maximum time of cleaning, the solvents to use and the degree on which to clean. You also need to keep in mind what kind of cleaner you would need. There is a number of ultrasonic cleaning equipment being sold online. Whichever type you choose, it will surely give you a different experience in finishing that cleaning job.


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