How To Use Safety Glasses

Safety gear is an important part of performing any task or job.  The vast majority of these household tasks require little in the way of safety gear. However, whether you are in a home workshop or on a commercial factory production floor, protecting the eyes should be a priority. You only have one set of eyes; you should want to protect them at all costs.  This simple safety-oriented task is easily accomplished by remembering to use safety glasses.

When worn and used properly safety glasses shield and protect the eyes from all manner of solid and liquid debris.  Though goggles should be worn when splashes of liquids are a threat, safety glasses can protect from small amounts of liquids.  In an industrial setting, employees are required to use safety glasses.  In fact, safety glasses are purchased for the employees and distributed to any visitors to the facility.  While workplace policies require the proper use of protective equipment, safety is often overlooked at home.

The naturally relaxing atmosphere of just being at home makes forgetting safety very easy.  Tasks at home are often extremely similar to those performed at work.  From sawing a board to repairing plaster, or working on an engine, to even putting a wrench to a pipe, the chance of something flying off and striking the eye is very real.  If the choice were between having dust or metal in the eye or wearing safety glasses, surely everyone would choose to use safety glasses.

To properly use safety glasses, one simply places the pair of glasses on the face.  The side shields should wrap around the gaps between the temples and front of the eye.  This prevents any debris from entering from even an unexpected angle.  The front of the glasses should fit comfortably on the nose, and the glasses themselves should be positioned on the face to prevent any entry of debris.  If you are not accustomed to wearing glasses, safety glasses may take some getting used to.  The payoff of not getting anything in your eyes is usually enough to counterbalance the initial discomfort associated with using safety glasses.

The manufacturer of the safety glasses will have precise instructions on how to effectively use their particular brand of safety glasses.  As every model of safety glasses are rated differently, the rating should be adequate for the task being performed.  Keep in mind you may need to change safety glasses in accordance with changing duties.  The best chance to protect your eyes is to use safety glasses.


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