How To Find Useful Multi-Tool Kits

Before the Dark Knight and the X-Men, there was Macgyver, the true epitome of ingenuity who beats the bad guys and rescues damsels in distress only with the help of his multi-tool Swiss Army Knife. So for those of you who want see how it's done - buy a DVD copy of the series. Here are some useful multi-tool kits that may help you rescue some damsels in distress, or to simply make your technical life much easier.

  1. The Swiss Army Knife. Perhaps known as the best pocket tool ever to be invented, it is also called the mistress of every Boy Scout. This multi-tool pocket knife comes with foldable mechanic tools, from screwdrivers to can openers. Of course it also comes in different models, which contain other mechanical paraphernalia that can save lives or simply make life easier. There are even fan websites made simply to shower this equipment with praises, since of the fan's lives have been saved by Swiss Army knives. Oh yes, did we mention the same multi-tool used by Macgyver was used to transform garbage cans into rocket launchers?
  2. The Gerber Knife.  It is known as the ultimate outdoors man knife set, and the next best thing since the Bouie knife. The basic package often includes retractable and switch handles. The word survival being the key word, the hunting set offers knives for skinning and quartering game. The fishing set includes knives suitable for gutting and filleting the catch and can cater to all sizes. The Gerber knife model 5970 is considered to be that best of all the Gerber selection because it can serve the function of both sets, although critics have stated that it's merely a cheap imitation of the Bouie knife.
  3. The Leatherman Tool. This is a more comprehensive multi-tool, suitable for mechanical work and repair. This particular piece of equipment comes in a foldable form, the short-nose pliers being the centerpiece. The pocket-tool is a standard issue for US SWAT team members. It includes accessories that can pick locks and even diffuse and dismantle garden variety explosives. The Leatherman Wave, a newer model of the Leatherman tool set, even offers additional accessories than its predecessor, although it is heavier and bulkier. Some critics have stated that most of the new accessories are considered to be unnecessary. The Leatherman Juice, the newest product off the Leatherman line, basically offers the same functions and accessories of the Leatherman tool, although its design and size have been patterned after the Swiss Army Knife design. And just like the basic Swiss Army Knife package all Leatherman selections come with the standardized belt pouch.
  4. Dremel.  This multi-tool was basically made to compliment all types of shop work: sanding, boring and cutting metal or wood. The Dremel multi-tool kit comes with different attachments that can cater to all forms of mechanical and carpentry work although it is more suitable for experienced carpenters and mechanics.

And with that you are now ready to take on the world with your chosen multi-tool just like Macgyver.


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