How To Understand How Air Fresheners Benefit Your Home

Almost every home has an air freshener. Modern life just wouldn't be complete without them. Air fresheners are room deodorizers, which are often used in enclosed areas to eliminate odor and give off a great smell. Aerosol sprays, candles, and potpourri are some of the most popular types of air fresheners available in the market today. The processes involved in making an air freshener work are adsorption, chemical neutralization, disinfection, masking and anesthetization. Air fresheners act as air filters to remove the microscopic particles such as pollen, mold and bacteria. They serve as odor neutralizer to lessen the fumes and pungent smells found in everyday living. Most of the time though they simply hide it by storing it up. They also act as air purifiers, which efficiently take out the fumes and other harmful chemicals and make the air cleaner. People want their homes to smell fresh especially if a visitor is around. This is probably the best reason why it is a must.

The market is becoming more innovative, and more types are being introduced everyday. Air fresheners are not just for indoor purposes; they are also used in cars and automobiles. There are a lot of varieties to choose from. You can go old school with those that come in tiny canisters or go futuristic with the plug-in scents. The latest in the market is the sensory technology of air fresheners. The moment you leave the room, the scent will automatically turn itself off. No matter how complicated it might sound, it all serves the same purpose, which is to smell good. Whatever your style is, there is always an available air freshener for you.

Like everything else, air fresheners also have a bad side. A recent study conducted by the University of California at Berkeley found that air fresheners and other household cleaning aids could emit toxic air pollutants with frequent usage. These chemical products were also found to contain poisonous chemicals such as nitrogen oxide. Because this chemical is spread within close confines, the volume of concentration is higher and this could lead to cancer in animals.

Freshening up your household can still be possible without air fresheners. Plants, especially flowers, are natural alternatives to commercial air fresheners. They bring a different kind of fragrance, which doesn't irritate the nose. Flowers can instantly liven up a room because of their pretty blooms. But not all flowers produce scents, orchids and similar flowers don't have any. Ask help in choosing which sweet smelling flowers work best in your home.

Common flowers like jasmine, gardenia, hyacinth and primroses are great examples of fragrant plants. Houseplants should have flowers for them to give off a delightful aroma. If you can't decide, you can always go for ornamental herbs like mint, rosemary, or thyme to give off that balmy smell. It doesn't matter what plants you choose, since these green things are a rich source of oxygen. Fresh oxygen is always better for your health.

Taking care of these plants is also challenging. You must learn when to water them, when to apply fertilizer, etc. Pick the plant that is suitable for indoors. They might die because of lack of sunlight.


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