What is an Angle Iron

An angle iron is metal bracket that is shaped like the letter L. It is a flat metal piece of galvanized steel iron that is bent at a 90-degree angle. It is used in construction to provide structural support. It is also known as an L-bracket or an angle bar.

An angle iron has a variety of uses and just about any building, home or room may have one. Large angle iron pieces are used to stabilize steel beams and columns. They are found in masonry work. Small ones are found in bed frames or benches. This handy metal is also found under some regular hanging shelving units that are attached and bolted to the wall. This is usually the type of support found in garage shelves or those in other utility areas.

An angle iron is made in such a way that there are holes at regular intervals along the length of the metal. Depending on which point of the metal the screws are placed, different tension supports are established.

These prefabricated metal brackets range in prices, depending on their length and size. Larger angle irons can support more weight than smaller ones. Home use angle irons can be purchased at local hardware stores. A variety of lengths are available depending on the home project and area of the home you will use it for.

For industrial use, such as in the construction of high rise buildings, homes and other structures, these can be ordered through steel construction suppliers. These angle irons are wider, extending between 20mm up to 200 mm wide. Most of the angle irons used in industrial and commercial construction in the United States are imported from Mainland China. You may check online for a list of suppliers.

Sometimes, pre packaged bed frames and shelving units will have an angle iron or L-bracket included in the box. In home furniture, most of the time, if you find two wood pieces joined together at an angle, you will notice an angle iron at the corner where the two sections meet.

When purchasing an angle iron, you will need at least two pieces so these are commonly sold in packs of two. Make sure you include the bolts nuts or screws that will be used to bolt it into place. Don’t worry about the color of the metal. It usually comes in stainless steel, grey, black and sometimes even white. If it doesn’t match your room decors and it will be exposed, you may always opt to paint over it to make it blend in with the wall. You must also determine the weight that the steel will support. If you are using it to install shelving, determine what items you will place on the shelves. Books will require good support since these can get very heavy. Lighter items such as picture frames and dolls will require less support. If the length of the shelf will be unusually long, place supports in the mid length as well.

Angle irons are a necessary and convenient construction tool. It looks simple but it bears a lot of weight.


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