How To Buy Fire System Supplies in the US

Fires are double-edged. They keep us warm during the cold and they burn. They may endanger lives and properties. However, just because fire can be dangerous doesn’t mean it should be feared. The proper use of fire has given humanity quite a number of benefits. In most modern homes, a fire system is mandatory, however, for older homes, it can be quite a chore to find a good fire system supplier in the US. A fire system includes several fire security options like fire suppression and fire detection. However, finding a good fire system supplier may be challenging.

Here are some of them.

  1. Fire Rescue 1 offers a large store for fire security systems from fire sprinklers in commercial buildings to fire detectors for kitchens. It has supplies for several different designs and has the patented FireIce technology, which kills fires but doesn’t destroy items. For actual firefighters, there are a number of FBAs or fire breathing apparatuses among other things, which you can use to survive in a fire. Their website is at
  2. Fire Fighters Equipment Co. A good company for people in businesses, restaurants and even marine rigs, Fire Fighters Equipment Company offers free site surveying, hazard and requirement analysis, fabrications, back flow testing, underground repairs, and installation of fire sprinklers, fire alarms, and marine systems. It also has a website at
  3. Buckeye Fire Equipment. When it comes to fire extinguishers, you can’t go wrong with Buckeye Fire Equipment. It sells the most comprehensive listing of fire extinguishers online. It has Class A to C fire extinguishers for homes, restaurants and other especially made fire extinguishers, which you can order. It also sells foam equipment concentrates, automatic spot systems and the like, which are quite affordable.
  4. Reliable Fire Company. Reliable Fire Company is a company that sells everything from Recycled Halon 1301 to valves for the latest fire suppression systems around. It has gas detectors, fire hoses, fire hose training manuals, safety products and testing, even security and closed circuit TV systems.

Most fire system companies have branches in your state. You can let them assess your homes. Sometimes, fire systems can be something as simple as a fire alarm and a fire extinguisher to something as complicated as a sprinkler system with an autocall option to the fire station. Some people even invest in their businesses to protect themselves from fires. If you live in a dangerous area where fires start often, like wildfires, then it would be best to get a good fire system from the suppliers above.

There are many kinds of fire systems out there and some may even be too much for your business or home. It is best to get an independent assessor from your insurance company so that you know what would be good enough for your home. Also, get only what you need as fire extinguishers and hoses are quite expensive and bulky.


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