How To Find Appliance Repair Manuals

Learning how to repair and maintain your appliances is definitely a wise and practical way for you to save your money during these financially troubled times. You do need to invest some of your time to learn how to do these repairs and also to research where you can find useful how-to tips. One reminder: to prevent the need for repairing your appliances, the best course is to know how to use them and maintain them properly. So it's very important that once you purchase an appliance, you read up on such pointers as how to use it properly, how to best store it, what should be its maximum working capacity, etc.

In case you find yourself needing to repair your appliance, here's how to find appliance repair manuals:

  1. From the store where you bought the appliance. Make sure that your appliance comes with a manual. Though most of the manuals contain instructions on how to use and maintain the appliance, there would also be pages dedicated to training you on how to do minor repairs. This may seem like a no-brainer, but do keep all your appliance manuals (along with the warranties) in one place so you won't have a hard time looking for them when the need arises.
  2. Make your own, with a professional's help. The first time your appliance breaks down and you just have no idea how to repair it, hire a professional to fix it. But here's an additional tip: make sure that you closely observe what the repairman does, so that next time you would know how to do the repairs yourself. After he fixes your appliance, you could briefly interview him so he could answer whatever questions you still have in mind, such as what caused the problem and how it could be avoided; what specific equipment he used; or even a step-by-step of the repair process. While all this information is still fresh on your mind, take some time to write it down on an index card and keep it in a centralized place (along with other cards that instruct you how to do minor repairs on your other appliances).
  3. Online. There are so many websites dedicated to instructing you how to do minor repairs on appliances. You could search by the specific brand of the appliance that you need to have repaired; for a Maytag repair, for example, you could go visit; they have pages that would instruct you on how to troubleshoot common appliance problems.'s customer support page has manuals for the particular machine model you own; other pages that could help you include info where you can buy genuine frigidaire parts, along with service locators.

You could also visit other DIY sites, such as,, and With these websites, you just have to click on the particular appliance that you need to repair (for example, dishwasher repair, dryer parts or washing machine repair); afterwards, just click on the particular situation that applies, and you will find help on how to do repairs.

Why not go to an appliance repair forum and ask the users your repair and parts replacement questions? Through this avenue, you would be able to pose personalized questions about your specific situation (this would be particularly helpful if you're facing a not-so-common appliance problem). First, you have to register to take part in the forum (this is usually very quick, easy and free), type in your question and wait for users' answers. Forums like this include, and

There you have it! These are just some of the places where you can find the most helpful manuals for your appliances. Just remember, do-it-yourself repairs aren't just possible, they could be fun and easy too! Good luck!


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