Where To Find Birch Cabinets

Birch is a type of shrub of tree that grows on temperate climates. Birch wood is typically used for making furniture. It can also be used for the flooring of houses. This is because the timber can be cut into thinner pieces or strips called veneer wood. It is also used to treat some ailments because of its medicinal properties. Although there are a lot of uses for the birch tree, it is most commonly known for being used as furniture pieces, such as cabinets, tables and chairs.

Here are some of the Web sites where you can find birch cabinets:

  1. homeportfolio.com – This is a good Web site to visit if you are planning on redecorating your home or if you are in the process of replacing furniture. You can use the Web site to search for birch wood cabinets from different showrooms and manufacturers. This will be easier for you to find the type of birch cabinet that you are looking for. You can also pair your birch cabinets with maple birch flooring.
  2. merillat.com – Merillat is a Web site where you can find kitchen cabinets made of birch wood, cherry wood, hickory wood, maple wood or oak wood. There are several finishes that you can choose from when you choose birch wood for the cabinets. Some of the colors are cinnamon, natural, muslin, honey spice or moss with mocha glaze. This will give you a chance to match your cabinets with the theme of your kitchen.
  3. aristokraft.com – Aristokraft Cabinetry is one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen cabinets. When you visit the Web site, you will be able to see the samples of their birch kitchen cabinets. They also have other furniture, such as entertainment centers, desks, hutches and bar areas. You will be able to buy high quality cabinets without going over your budget.
  4. palmcoastcabinets.net – This Web site offers kitchen cabinets made of different types of wood. You can purchase birch cabinets, hickory cabinets, oak cabinets, maple cabinets and more. They also sell countertops for both residential and commercial spaces. You can visit the Web site so that you can see the showroom of the company. You can also read on how to take care of the cabinets.
  5. oakwoodveneer.com – The Oakwood Veneer Company provides different types of veneer wood, including birch veneer. You can purchase birch veneer from this Web site to use for your cabinets at home. The birch veneers that they have include flat cut, red and rotary. They are hardwood panels that can be used to construct different furniture.

These are some of the Web sites where you can find birch cabinets and birch wood veneers that you can use to construct cabinets. It is important that you know the different qualities of wood so that you can choose the best type for specific furniture. Birch wood is ideal for different items as the wood can be finished to fit your style. You can read more about birch wood from the Internet so that you can see what its other uses are.


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